3 Texas Doctors Saw Protesters at Kavanaugh Hearing Paid in Cash


Author and commentator Adam W. Schindler interviewed three Texas doctors who traveled to Washington D.C. to attend the confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Tuesday. The three doctors witnessed troublemakers being paid in cash.

Mr. Schindler has provided evidence below of the money exchange and of one paid protester getting kicked out, which you can see below.

We were also informed by NBC News yesterday by a Capitol Hill correspondent that Chuck Schumer pre-planned the outrageous protests at the hearing. Since Schumer organized the near-riots at the hearing, where did the cash come from? Which far-left groups is this useful idiot in league with?

A transcript for this video with the doctors being interviewed is available at realclearpolitics.

Mr. Schindler, who is also the President of a digital online strategy firm, provided proof with a photo.

Raucous protester being paid in cash.

Schindler provided further proof with another photo of the woman being kicked out of the hearing.


He provided proof of that with a photo as well.


  1. They were not paid to protest. If a protester offers to go the extra mile and be arrested, they are given money by the sponsoring org to pay the penalty, which must be paid in cash. This way they don’t have to come back to D.C. for a hearing.

  2. So you take two shots from a bad back/side angle with no discernible facial recognition and call that proof.
    Funny stuff…what times are your shows at ? Should I try the veal ?
    Why no concern for the 100,000 documents on Kavanaugh being withheld…couldn’t get a picture ?

    • No, there were eye witnesses including three doctors who witnessed the pay-offs and the instructions being given to them and the guy happens to work for an organisation funded by George Soros. I’m not a Democratic or Republican but if the party I voted for was doing underhanded stuff like this, I’d call them out on it, I wouldn’t just accept it as winning at any cost because in the long will be too high.

  3. I am shocked, positively shocked that the Democrats would bring in paid demonstrators. The Republic is in great danger and it isn’t from the Trumps supporters. This the kind of stuff that happens in some banana republic. Vote in November against any and all democrats because you life really does depend on it.

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