3 years, $1.2 billion, & 0 homes built for the homeless in socialist LA


Los Angeles County came up with an idea for a project to build homes for the homeless in the county. Thanks to a bond initiative, it seemed the dream would become a reality, but after three years, not one home has been built.

After 77% of the voting population in LA supported a $1.2 billion bond for Proposition HHH, the town fathers got busy — getting nothing done.

The bond was intended to help 10,000 of the 34,000 known homeless in LA. That was three years ago and absolutely ZERO homes have been built, an audit shows.

Just to put things in perspective, the Empire State Building was erected in thirteen-and-a-half months.

The homeless project was spread across 114 projects and to date, only 19 have begun. The units were supposed to cost between $350,000 to $414,000 per unit but the cost will now come in around $600,000 and the number of units has been reduced by 24%.

“The length of time needed to complete these projects does not meet the level of urgency needed to match the magnitude of our homelessness crisis,” a new Los Angeles Controller audit report stated.

Drug abuse and poverty have forced tens of thousands on the streets. It’s a crisis and they still can’t build a thing thanks to bureaucratic incompetence and the city’s radical progressive (socialist/communist) policies.

As the government grows bigger and more inefficient, people will continue to suffer more. California is becoming a third world state with third world cities. When will the people get it and vote these fools out? They can’t blame Republicans because they’ve reduced them to non-existent entities.

This is what Democrats want for all of us. As each state turns blue, mostly due to changing demographics, think of LA and weep.

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