More Than 30 GOP Congressmen Threatened Since Scalise Shooting


Democrat politicians claiming all Republicans are racists, Islamophobes, sexists, homophobes, flat-earthers killing the planet, is extreme and untrue. It’s free speech but it’s not responsible.

Representatives, including Jason Chaffetz reported an alarming increase in threatening phone calls to Republican congressmen since the Scalise shooting. But as Chaffetz reported, nothing is done most of the time.

People always have free speech but threatening to hurt of kill people is not covered under the First Amendment.

When the Virginia shootings took place, Democrats blamed the victims and guns.

This isn’t a random occurrence by a few nut jobs. Violent Democrats of the hard-left are taking control of the Democrat Party’s message.

Just look at what is going on in colleges, spurred on by Democrat and hard-left professors. It’s all okay because it’s against Donald Trump and his supporters. It’s okay because they have Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Violence is on the rise

Free Beacon reports at least 30 GOP congressmen have been attacked or threatened since May of this year alone. Then there is the exuberance on social media when a Republican is attacked.

The glee that allegedly mainstream Democrats have expressed over the shooting of Scalise should horrify people.

One Nebraska Democrat Party official said on recorded audio that he is “fuckin’ glad” Congressman Steve Scalise got shot, and that he wishes Scalise “was fuckin’ dead”.

Nebraska Democrat Party Black Caucus Chair, Chelsey Gentry-Tipton has been in the news since posting on Facebook that she thought it “funny” that Republicans were “crying” after Scalise and others were shot.

The over-the-top rhetoric by politicians and late night comics is harmful. Plays in which Trump is stabbed 100 times a night and photoshoots with a comic holding his bloody decapitated head are also part of the extremism problem the party faces.

The list of incidents is getting very long.

How about the New Jersey Democratic operative who created a #HuntRepublicanCongressmen hashtag after the recent shooting.

Then there is the Art Institute of Washington professor who called for Republicans to be “lined up and shot.”

We mustn’t forget the California high school teacher made a bet on whether Trump would be assassinated.

A Dallas school teacher pretended to execute the president inside her classroom and a California State University professor said Republicans must be executed and the president hanged.

One of the Antifa leaders is a grade school teacher as is the Democrat mayor of Berkeley. Let’s not forget the San Jose mayor and police chief who ordered the police to stand down while violent foreigners beat up Trump supporters simply for attending a rally.

The left even tried to blame the Portland killings on whites when the killer is a Bernie Sanders advocate.

Democrats need to tone it down

The Democrat Party leaders have done absolutely nothing to shut it down. In fact, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton praised the violent Black Lives Matter groups. They did so even as they burned down stores and attacked cops. At the same time, we need to ask what is their platform? What do they stand for?

It’s ironic that they accused the Tea Party of doing exactly what they are actually doing and the Tea Party never did.


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