30,000 Scientists Want to Sue Al Gore Over Climate Change



The founder of the Weather Channel wants to sue Al Gore with 30,000 scientists who believe global warming is hypothetical:

Government scientist fired for telling the truth:

Eight government scientists working for the Department of Interior were recently fired or reassigned after voicing concerns to their superiors about faulty environmental science used for policy decisions. Which begs the question, “Are some government agencies manipulating science to advance political agendas?”

In the 1970’s some scientists tried to gin up support for a coming ice age. The biggest difference between then and now is no one listened to the extremists then. We also didn’t have Al Gore and an overly-powerful UN:

I actually believe the earth is warming but the questions which have not been answered are: does man contribute to it, can man stop it, is it the natural order of things? The debate needs to continue because we are taking steps to destroy our economy over it.

Another problem with our global warming industry, other than the rampant corruption, is the fact that China, India, and other developing nations have no plan to stop spewing pollution into the air. We need to be mindful of not polluting, but racing to do so at the expense of our very existence is moronic.


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