34 Reasons Hillary Lost the 2016 Election, Adds Benghazi


On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton added a new reason for her losing the election — Benghazi, the political football. We now have 34 reasons why she says she lost and none of them are the fact that she’s an unlikeable liar who can’t be trusted.

“I was stunned…I was just dumbfounded,” Clinton said on TODAY Wednesday about Jim Comey’s intervention in her first live interview since her November loss. “I thought, what is he doing? The investigation is closed. I knew there was no new information. And then it became clear. This was not necessary.”

Omitted from her ramblings is the the fact that her illicit use of the personal server was her fault. The careless treatment of Top Secret information was also left out. What never entered the conversation was the fact that she shared Top Secret data with people not cleared to have the information, including giving it to a maid and having it end up on the computer of pervert Anthony Weiner. The interviewers only give softball interviews.

Clinton called Comey’s Oct. 28 letter to Congress a “determining factor” in her loss to President Donald Trump and said she felt strongly the former FBI head “went way beyond his role” when he decided to reintroduce the probe.

“Absent that, I believe and I think the evidence shows, I would have won,” she said.

Mostly she blames Jim Comey for the loss, but Matt Lauer is not off the hook.

She also still blames Matt Lauer, women, systemic sexism, voter suppression, and a lot of other people, the media, fake news.

When she’s uncomfortable or wants to distract, she laughs oddly at statements that are not funny during this interview.


Matt Lauer confronted her during the interview for blaming him in part for her loss of the 2016 election.

“You criticized me pretty soundly in a few pages of this book,” Lauer told Clinton in the second half of her interview on the “Today” show.

He quizzed, “Did you make enough mistakes yourself to lose the election?”

Clinton shot back, “Well, I will say no Matt”. She then giggled and changed the subject.

“This book has a lot of behind-the-scenes [looks] at what it’s like to run for president, particularly as a woman,” she said. “It’s not all the sad side or the disappointment…”

Hillary blamed misogyny for a lot of her problems and said in the first taped interview that she won’t give women “absolution” for not voting for her.

Is she a priest?

She dismisses the fact that people find her unlikeable. She brought up Benghazi and said it was a political football. Her role in letting the men in Benghazi down was ignored. That was a new reason for us.

All the reasons Hillary lost:

  1. The FBI
  2. Jim Comey
  3. The Russians
  4. Americans who colluded with the Russians
  5. Potential Trump campaign collusion with Russia
  6. Putin anti-American forces
  7. Low information voters
  8. Voter suppression
  9. Everyone who assumed she’d win
  10. Bad polling numbers
  11. Obama for winning two terms
  12. Obama for telling her not to take on Bernie Sanders
  13. Bernie Sanders
  14. People wanting change
  15. Misogynists
  16. Suburban women
  17. The NY Times
  18. TV execs
  19. Cable news
  20. Netflix
  21. All media
  22. Fake news
  23. Democrats not making the right documentaries
  24. Facebook
  25. Twitter
  26. Wikileaks
  27. Content farms in Macedonia
  28. The Republican Party
  29. The Democratic Party
  30. Matt Lauer
  31. GOP donor Rebekah Mercer
  32. Donald Trump
  33. Justice Roberts
  34. Benghazi was merely a political football.

Full interview:

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