350 Lashes for Possessing Wine


Karl Andree

An elderly British man living in Saudi Arabia was guilty of the apparently unpardonable sin of making wine at home. He has been in prison for 12 months. His sentence has been served but the Saudis decided it was insufficient. He is now facing 350 lashes which will undoubtedly kill him.

Alcohol is illegal in Saudi Arabia and his daughter said he was transporting homemade wine in his car in August 2014 when he was pulled over and arrested.

Karl Andree, 74, has suffered from poor health, including three bouts with cancer, and he also had asthma. He worked for an oil company in the Kingdom for 25 years and retired there.

Prime Minister Cameron has intervened and is trying to save his life.

Saudi Arabia is Britain’s closest ally in the region according to NBC News. What happened to Israel?

Britain canceled a £5.9m prisons deal with Saudi Arabia that they say had nothing to do with this case but which shows more gumption than anything Obama has done as seen in the case of Jason Rezaian who awaits his prison sentence after being convicted in Iran. Some Saudi Arabia officials now say he’s not going to be lashed.

In Mr. Rezaian’s case, the Iranians accused him of espionage and other offenses, including “collaborating with a hostile government” and “propaganda against the establishment,” according to the Post.

Iranian officials made a case against him based on an online job application he sent to the White House, and a visit to the U.S. Consulate in Dubai, where he was seeking a visa for his Iranian wife, a journalist who is now forbidden to leave the country.

The laws in Saudi Arabia concerning alcohol are very severe as are laws against women driving, adultery, homosexuality and drug smuggling – with the last punishable by death.




  1. What could have possibly convinced this man to retire in Saudi Arabia? He will never live through those lashes. (and by the way, they all drink wine. The princes and kings and jihadis –– they all drink and they all live lies).

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