4 biggest takeaways so far from the Senate Judiciary hearing on the FISA report


The left-wing has almost complete control of the media and social media today as the Senate Judiciary hearing proceeds. The left is mostly spewing ad hominem attacks on Twitter. They hate Lindsey Graham and think he’s ugly. [Not Diane Feinstein?] We had to hunt for the truth.

The truth is the FISA court is corrupt and needs to go. It’s too easily corrupted and used against innocent Americans. This covers only the morning segment of the hearing.


The biggest takeaway from Wednesday’s hearings is the media will report there was no political bias.

Inspector General Mike Horowitz said he couldn’t determine there was bias and it became more difficult to determine as the investigation continued. He did say he cannot confirm there wasn’t bias.

The truth is that Horowitz couldn’t find bias if it was in neon lights and fell crashing onto his head. He ignored all common sense and all evidence from the 17 ‘errors’ in the FISA applications, to the FBI not giving the court exculpatory information, to giving tremendous credence to a dossier they knew was false, and on and on it goes.

They knew they didn’t have probable cause so they made it up. That is driven by bias.

Even though he said he didn’t find political bias, he can’t confirm there wasn’t any.

U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy told Fox News host Bill Hemmer this morning that he found the entire event “stunning” and unbelievable. It’s so obvious there was a political bias that if it were up to Horowitz, no one would ever be convicted since Horowitz wanted someone to tell him there was bias before he could admit there was some.

Clinton impeachment attorney Ken Starr said he “finds it hard to believe” that the FBI would “conduct itself as it has.”


The FISA warrants “relied solely” on the [fake] dossier. The FBI knew the dossier was a fraud from the start, yet they used it to get a warrant against a U.S. citizen. Comey said the opposite to Congress — under oath.


Jim Comey is not exonerated according to Mr. Horowitz. Comey claimed he was.


They did spy on Americans, but Horowitz prefers to call it “illegal surveillance.” Spying, illegal surveillance, it’s a distinction without a difference:


Here is some bias that Horowitz couldn’t find:

The “reprehensible” conduct was by “more than just a few rogue agents.” They have to be held “accountable.”

Yes, they misled the court.

If they can do this to a candidate for the United States, imagine what they can do to you. In this next clip, listen to what they did and Horowitz’s weaselly phrasing.

The FISA process stinks:

Andrea Mitchell admitted it was “pretty egregious.”

Former DOJ attorney Lisa Page who is at the center of the biased Strzok texts is suing the DOJ and FBI for all she has been through. She wants her therapy paid for and is blaming the president for her mental problems. She will have more after today and the only one responsible for her problems is herself.



  1. Clinton and her unlawful pals are playing the same game with England and Boris Johnson putting together a phony dossier claiming he is an agent of Putin.

  2. Some people are more special than others. Everybody sees that the states enforce whatever laws they like (sanctuary cities) while targetting some citizens especially politicians to influence the outcome of an election. IRS doesn’t see nonprofits doing only political work, suing the administration on behalf of illegals.

  3. Horowitz said there was no evidence of bias, ummm what about all the text messages? JC, it is in printed form that there was bias…what a joke…but the RNC did a really fantastic job

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