4 Horsemen of a Racial Apocalypse: Al, Bill, Eric, Barack


four horsemen

What happened to all those great expectations of racial healing after the election of Barack Obama? It’s pretty simple really. When a quartet of leaders; Al Sharpton (self appointed), Bill de Basio, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama pursued divisive ideological, personal and political agendas, those heady possibilities went the way of “hope and change”.

With the exception of forever race agitator, and tax scofflaw Sharpton, all were either elected or appointed to positions that required they secure the rule of law and provide for the public’s safety. Yet the U.S. Attorney General, Mayor of New York, and President of the United States somehow found the need to seek counsel with a man notorious for both inciting and escalating racially charged situations.

Just check out Rev. Al’s involvement in the incident at Freddy’s Fashion Mart: 7 dead, and the Crown Heights Riots: 2 dead. Video Tale of Al Sharpton

Obama’s had “Sharpy” to the White House more than 60 times. Recently Al was seated right next to Vice President Joe Biden. The VP, once widely quoted as saying paying taxes was “patriotic” had no problem sitting next to, and having his picture taken, with a guy who owes $4.5 million to “Uncle Joe’s” precious government.

When tensions and violence were reaching dangerous levels Barack was equally at ease having this proven racial provocateur, and fellow community organizer, acting very publicly as his advisor,. Shapton’s actions fit right in with the president’s own history of provocatively thrusting himself into incidents that were within the purview of local law enforcement. Cambridge police acted “stupidly”. If he had a son, “he’d look like Trayvon” Martin.

And now Obama joins with Attorney Eric Holder in calling into question the fairness of America’s long standing Grand Jury System. Holder, the same fellow, who refused to pursue a case against 3 members of the New Black Panthers caught on video tape wielding a club outside a polling place in Philadelphia, is openly critical of the Staten Island jury, despite the fact he has virtually no access to 60 pieces of evidence and the testimony of 50 witnesses.

He, with Barack’s blessing is looking to keep the Ferguson, and NYC pots boiling by interjecting the federal government.

Bill de Blasio is a self professed, proud, liberal/progressive who got elected for two main reasons. In the Democrat Primary he used ads focused on his bi-racial family. And, more importantly, he made an arrangement that so suited Al Sharpton the rev was willing to roll fellow African-American Bill Thompson under the bus, by simply not endorsing him. This, despite the fact, former NYC Comptroller Thompson, came close to unseating incumbent Michael Bloomberg 4 years earlier. That back-stabbing of a fellow person of color won Al a seat at the table, which he shared at least one time with a visibly uncomfortable Police Commissioner, Bill Bratton. If that “presser” wasn’t a big enough mistake, de Blasio went on a subsequent rhetorical tear, opening his mouth only to change feet. He pontificated about “centuries of racism”, warning his son of the “dangers he may face” from cops, and describing videoed attacks on two police officers, who were clearly seen being beaten…..as “alleged”.

So there they are. The 4 Horsemen of a Racial Apocalypse. Who’s riding which colored steed? Before deciding it’s important to note, using our most somber characterizations, the White Horse represents “Pestilence”, Red equals “War”, Black stands for “Famine”, and Pale is the image of “Death”. Far from securing the rule of law and public safety, this foursome’s policies and behaviors leave a racial landscape much worse than they found it; suffering from contagion, conflict, misery, and now the cold blooded assassination of two, innocent New York City Police Officers. Put Al, Bill, Eric, and Barack on whatever horse you want. Sadly, tragically, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish one of these men from the other.



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