4 Officers Walk Off Security When They See Players’ Black Lives Matter Jerseys


Pretending to merely be against police brutality, Black Lives Matter is actually anti-law enforcement. Their agenda is Marxist on all issues and they are often violent. One of their key leaders promotes looting by minorities and some of their violence and hate-filled rhetoric has preceded the death of police officers in Texas, St. Louis and elsewhere.

The group adopts the ideals of cop-killer fugitive of Assata Shakur and chant her sayings during their protests. They use the “cops as pigs” terminology to demonstrate their hatred and their fan base, unsurprisingly, includes criminals.

Four off-duty Minnesota police officers walked off their freelance job at a Lynx game when they spotted the players wearing offensive shirts.

The players know the off-duty police provide security at these games.

The shirts were Black Lives Matter pre-game jerseys honoring Philandro Castro and Alton Sterling on the back, and emblazoned on front was the saying, ‘change starts with us’.  The shirts also included a small Dallas police badge which they say was to honor the murdered officers [the man who murdered the five Dallas officers was an admirer and follower of Black Lives Matter. He had attended protests.].

They accused the police of violence and profiling in a press conference to discuss the jerseys. The mayor and police chief did not stand up for the four officers with the mayor calling them “jack@$$e$”.

However, profiling and favoritism are not a problem when a black Somali officer in Minnesota kills a white Australian woman, as in the case of Mohammed Noor who shot Justine Damond who was trying to report a possible rape. He has refused to say anything and has not been charged or even suspended. He’s sitting at a desk.


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