4 Outrageous Statements from Joe Biden for Saturday


We have four of the latest Bidenisms which the 2020 presidential candidate blathered on the campaign trail this week. They’re embarrassing and he needs to be told to give it up. Americans aren’t going to vote for him. The polls can’t be accurate if he’s in the lead, although the closest competition is two hard-left extremists.

Joe apparently doesn’t even know what college he went to or he didn’t know where he was again.

Sleepy Joe Biden didn’t go to Delaware State. Someone needs to tell him.

He outright lies in the next clip. While attempting to make an excuse for his campaign’s failure to buy the domain for their brand new outreach campaign to Hispanics, Biden blamed the Trump campaign. He claimed Trump’s people bought every Biden address.

The Trump campaign bought ‘Todos con Biden’ after Biden announced the campaign without having bought the web address. Biden claims that it would have cost $20,000 to buy the address. This was a $28 a year address.

Biden also mentioned the Cisneros campaign for President but he corrected it and said ‘Castro.’

They do both begin with ‘C.’

Finally, Biden started talking about African American voter outreach before catching himself and returning to talk about Latino outreach. Latino, Black, same difference to him.

In this next clip, Biden lies about Trump.

This is what the President actually said, he was talking about these vicious transnational gangs, especially MS-13.

Here is another beaut for you:

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