4 Questions Angry Students Should be Asked & Able to Answer



Recently, angry college students have made headlines. While there seems to be a wide range of complaints, one common denominator is kids on campuses are offended, rather frequently, by one thing or another.

Halloween costumes, micro-aggressions, macro-aggressions, fake rape stories, factually unsubstantiated poop swastikas, and a student body president spreading scary, false rumors about the KKK being on campus, have drawn attention away from what one would hope to be the main purpose of young people attending institutions of higher learning. They’re supposedly going there to develop the skill sets needed to find post graduate success in productive, rewarding careers.

Given that criterion, one of the quickest and simplest ways to measure the genuine seriousness of some of these outraged collegians would be to ask them 4 uncomplicated questions. Here they are, with a common sense follow-up query for each.

What’s your major?

Which area of study do you think will give you the best opportunity to thrive outside academia, in the real world?

What percentage of graduates in this major get jobs directly related to that subject?

Are you picking a specific academic discipline that actually has a documented track record of solid employment ?

What’s the average time between graduation and getting a full time job in a field strongly aligned with your major?

Will you be stepping right into a rewarding career or making plans to move back in with Mom & Dad?

What is the median, starting salary of those graduating within that academic discipline?

Assuming you’ll have accumulated substantial, college related debt, will the projected income from the new position meet your heightened financial needs and responsibilities?

Given the current campus climate of growing, mob controlled censorship, it’s probably unlikely we’d get any of those grumpy, delicate “scholars” to answer the inquiries cited above. But it would be in their long term best interest to find a “safe space” somewhere on school grounds, do some research, and then consider a well thought-out answer for each of those four questions. And, as a bonus, they could then share those responses with the parents who are picking up all or part of the tab for their regularly offended, cranky kids’, tuition, room and board.


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6 years ago

Sounds like a great idea!! Worked for us and our kids. Everyone should give it a try.

John Gaultcsa
John Gaultcsa
6 years ago


Million Parent March

Posted on November 13, 2015 by Dianny
You know, the current temper tantrum among college students got me thinking.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time for a Million Parent March.

Moms and Dads who are footing the bill for your little angel to go to university should organize a nationwide walkout on the day the tuition payment for your kid is due for the upcoming semester.

Walk out. Take to the streets and refuse to write that check to the Bursar.

Time for a Million Parent March my friends.

If these spoiled little brats can have their movement, so can you!

Your demands will be simple, and, just like their demands, non-negotiable.

Million Parent March Demands

1. All children must immediately declare a major that will ensure financial security
As long as you kids are making Mom and Dad pay for school, you have to major in something that will all but guarantee that when Mom and Dad hit their twilight years, you can afford to keep them in the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed all these years.

No more “Women’s Studies” or “Ethno-Musicology” majors. No more “Ethnic Studies” or “Philosophy,” “Creative Writing,” or “Gender Studies.” And unless your last name is Barrymore, don’t even think about majoring in “Theater.”

Acceptable majors include “Business Administration,” “Civil Engineering,” “Information Technology” or “Computer Science,” “Economics,” “Mechanical Engineering,” pretty much any “Engineering.”

For a complete list, see HERE: http://www.thinkadvisor.com/2015/05/12/30-best-paying-college-majors-2015?page_all=1

2. All children must acquire a copy of the United States Constitution and watch Hillsdale College’s free online Constitution courses.
As long as you kids are making Mom and Dad pay for school, you’re going to take the time to learn something about the founding documents of the country. You may actually discover that you do not have a Right not to be offended.

3. All children must immediately transfer to one of the best Conservative Colleges in the country.
For a complete detailed list, see HERE: http://www.thebestschools.org/rankings/20-best-conservative-colleges-america/

As long as we’re paying for it, we get a say in where you go.

And if you don’t like it, don’t take our money. In fact, if you don’t like it, you won’t get one red cent. Perhaps you simply hold off on going to college altogether. Get a freaking job. Earn your own money. Learn what it means to have to “afford” things. And then, if you still want to go to college, pay for it yourself.

#Million Parent March – Want the tuition money? Do What We Say!

What do you think?

Sound like a good idea?