41-Year Old Mystery Solved: Where Is Jimmy Hoffa


Jimmy Hoffa

Forty-one years ago today, famed Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa climbed into a 1975 Mercury parked at the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Detroit and was never seen again. The FBI searched and never stopped looking nor did his family.

The mystery appears to have been solved. He was assassinated by Frank Sheeran, 43, president of local 326 in Delaware and a chief of La Cosa Nostra. He was long suspected in the murder. The hit was ordered by Mob boss Russell Buffalino.

Frank Sheeran aka”The Irishman” was Hoffa’s loyal friend and protector who accompanied Hoffa to a meeting with two Mafia colleagues 41-years ago today.

Hoffa called home to ask if anyone called after his Mafiosa bigwigs didn’t show up at the restaurant.

Thinking he was going to a meeting, he then went to a nearby house with Sheeran where Sheeran shot him twice behind the right ear as he walked behind Hoffa.

Jimmy Hoffa was going to annoy the Mafia bosses by running for the Teamsters’ presidency again and Sheeran was the guy to do that type of work.

Fox’s Eric Shawn conducted an investigation with the author of the new book that covers the Hoffa disappearance called, I Heard You Painted Houses, a biography of Frank Sheeran . Shawn and a team of forensic experts went to the house in question and ripped up tiles in the hall where the murder was said to take place and the kitchen where the body was removed. Under the tiles, they sprayed Luminol and traces of blood evidence were found. Law enforcement are investigating to determine if the blood will show DNA proof but the evidence is clear.

There are other reasons to believe the story is true, click the Fox News link for that information but briefly one of the boarders of the house had ties to the mob.

Sheeran, one of a handful of suspects, confessed before he died. He was told Hoffa’s body was cremated after he shot him. Sheeran died six months ago at age 83. On his deathbed, he again confirmed to his biographer and former lawyer Charles Brandt that he did kill Hoffa just as he described.

Others who have claimed to know where Hoffa was buried were never on the FBI’s list of suspects.

When he was questioned before a grand jury at the time, he took the Fifth.

Eric Shawn spoke with Sheeran who talked freely.

This is the story he told:

He and others were ordered by the Mafia to kill Hoffa to prevent him from trying to run again for the presidency of the Teamsters union. Hoffa had resigned after serving prison time for jury tampering, attempted bribery and fraud convictions. Frank picked Hoffa up at the restaurant, accompanied by two others, to supposedly drive Hoffa to a mob meeting. When they walked into the empty house together, with Frank a step behind Hoffa, he raised his pistol at point-blank range and fired two fatal shots into his unsuspecting target, turned around and left. He said Hoffa’s body was then dragged down the hall by two awaiting accomplices, and that he was later told Hoffa was cremated at a mob-connected funeral home.

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