Obamabook! 45 Top Facebook Employees Are Ex-Obama-Hillary Staffers


Facebook CEO and Chairman Mark Zuckerberg said he is concerned about political bias and wants to root it out. If he is true to his word and wants to eliminate bias against the right, he will have to fire the dozens of ex-Hillary and ex-Obama staffers in senior positions at Facebook. They are in positions of influence.

There are at least 45 employees who had previously worked or volunteered with the Hilary campaigns, the Obama campaigns, or the Obama White House and are now employed by Facebook, Facebook-owned companies, or the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative. This does not include Facebook employees who do not have Linkedin accounts or neglected to mention past experience on their profiles.

Former Romney staffers or campaign volunteers who currently work at Facebook returned just seven profiles. A search for McCain staffers returned one profile, who also appeared on the Romney list. A search for staffers from the George W. Bush administration or presidential campaigns returned three profiles. A search for former Trump staffers returned zero profiles.

Here they are via Breitbart who did the research
Obama Staffers:
  • David Recordon, former Director of IT for Obama’s White House. Recordon was Engineering Director at Facebook prior to his role at the White House and returned to the position after the 2016 election. He is currently Engineering Director for the Chan-Zuckerberg initiative.
  • David Plouffe, President, Policy, and Advocacy for the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative. Campaign Manager for Obama in 2008, and still sits on the board of the Obama Foundation.
  • Josh W. Higgins, currently Executive Creative Director at Facebook. Formerly Design Director at Obama for America.
  • Aneesh Raman, currently on the Economic Opportunity team at Facebook. Formerly held a number of positions in the Obama White House, including speechwriter to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Associate Director for Strategic Communication at the Department of Defence, and Speechwriter to the President.
  • Lauryn Ogbechie, currently manager of Facebook’s Education Partnerships Team. Formerly Digital Organizing Manager at Obama for America.
  • Danielle Cwirko-Godycki, Leadership Recruiting at Facebook, formerly a volunteer at Hillary for America and a fellow at Organizing for America.
  • Meredith Carden, currently on Facebook’s News Integrity team. Formerly worked at the office of Michelle Obama for two years.
  • Sarah Pollack, currently Associate Manager for Policy Communications at Facebook. Formerly directed media logistics at Hillary for America, and worked as a Press Advance Associate at the Obama White House. The first work experience listed on her Linkedin profile is an internship at the Clinton Global Initiative.
  • Ben Forer, Strategic Partner Development at Facebook. Formerly a New Media Intern in the Obama White House and a Social Media Specialist at the Clinton Foundation.
  • Bonnie Calvin, currently works as a curator for the Facebook GMS summits. Was previously selected by the Obama White House to curate their “Maker Faire” in 2014, aimed at celebrating “makers and builders and doers across the country.”
  • Juliane Sun, Intellectual Property Analyst at Facebook, formerly oversaw verification requests at Instagram. Worked as an International Trade Assistant in Obama’s Department of Commerce.
  • Anthea Strong, Project Manager for News on Facebook. Deputy Regional Field Director for the Obama campaign in 2007-08, and Project Manager for Voter Experience for the Obama campaign in 2011-12.
  • William Elliott, Marketing at Oculus VR, owned by Facebook. Formerly a Community Organizer at Obama for America.
  • Nureen Ehab Khadr, Marketing Specialist, Middle East & North Africa. Formerly an Organizing Fellow at Organizing for America.
    David Kaufman, Marketing Lead, Building 8, Facebook. Formerly worked at the U.S. Digital Service in the Obama White House.
  • Sean Patrick Murphy, Talent Adviser and Recruiter at Facebook. Formerly a canvasser at Obama for America and an activist trainer for the Bernie Sanders campaign.
  • Veronica Rocha, Contracts Administrator at Facebook. Formerly Organizing Fellow at Obama for America.
  • Giselle Hale, currently Director for Media Partnerships Product at Facebook. She was a regional field director for Obama for America in 2007-08.
  • Melissa Lano, who has held multiple senior roles at Facebook including Associate Manager on International Elections in 2012, where she worked on the American presidential election. Formerly a precinct manager at Obama for America in 2008.
  • Mercedes Krimme, multiple roles at Facebook including Project Data Integrity specialist, where she helped launch Facebook’s civic engagement tools, including Town Hall, Civic Checkup, and Voter Guide. Formerly a field organizer at Organizing for America.
  • Matthew Holleque, Research Science Manager at Facebook. Formerly Deputy Statistical Modeling Director at Obama for America.
  • Rachel Jamail, Site Lead at Facebook. Formerly consulted with the office of FLOTUS Michelle Obama on “high-priority marketing initiatives.” Formerly a board member of the Anti-Defamation League.
  • Jane Lee, Strategy and Communications Lead at Facebook. Formerly Deputy Chief Operating Officer at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in the Obama White House, and Finance and Operations Budget Manager at Obama for America.
  • Zach Stubenvoll, Creative Director at Facebook. Formerly Designer / Print Lead at Obama for America.
  • Zaid Zaid, Public Policy, Strategic Response at Facebook, formerly Associate White House Counsel.
  • Nathaniel Kerksick, Product Design Manager for Social Good at Facebook. Formerly Art Director and Designer at Obama for America.
  • Francesca de Quesada Covey, Head of Jobs and Service Partnerships at Facebook, formerly Deputy Counselor for Strategic Engagement in the Obama White House.
  • Amy Seidenwurm, Executive Producer for “Social Good” at Oculus VR, a Facebook-owned product. Formerly a Creative Projects Consultant at Obama for America.
  • Kyle O’Connor, Executive Communications at Facebook, formerly Presidential Speechwriter at the White House.
  • Sharon Yang, Government & Politics Outreach at Facebook. Formerly Gen44 Finance Director at Obama for America.
  • Melanie Roe, Technology Communications at Facebook, previously worked for Democratic presidential candidates and Democratic administrations since the Kerry campaign in 2004.
  • Brett Brownell, Content Strategist at Facebook, previously worked as Deputy New Media Director for Pennsylvania in Obama’s 2008 campaign. Also worked for MSNBC and Mother Jones.
  • Ryan Bushek, Technical Program Manager at Facebook. Formerly Operations Director, Florida for Obama for America.
  • Christine Turner, head of Global Policy at WhatsApp, a Facebook acquisition. Held multiple roles in the Obama White House between 2008 and 2016.
  • David Ginsberg, currently Director of UX and Strategic Research at Facebook. Formerly debate prep lead for Vice President Joe Biden in 2012.
  • Matthew Warshauer, currently Head of “Data Science for Social Good” at Facebook. Warshauer was an intern at Obama for America, working on paid media analytics.
Hillary for America:
  • Emilio Tamez, currently performs “custom research” at Facebook on behalf of advertisers. Formerly worked as an experiments analyst for Hillary for America.
  • Joel Cohen, Client Solutions Manager for Travel at Facebook. Formerly Senior Manager for Digital Advertising at Hillary for America in 2016, and a Digital Advertising Strategist at Obama for America in 2012. In between the two campaigns, he also worked at Facebook.
  • Ritu Sharma, currently the Emerging Worlds Liaison at Facebook. Formerly a member of the National Finance Committee for Hillary for America.
  • Andrew Forrest, currently works in Partnerships Analytics for Facebook. Previously worked as Head of Audience Development at Hillary for America.
  • Ashley Woolheater, currently Public Policy Lead at Oculus VR. Formerly Policy Chief of Staff at Hillary for America.
  • Nellwyn Thomas, currently works in Data Science for Facebook. Formerly Deputy Chief Analytics Officer at Hillary for America.
  • Emily Hahn, currently a Product Marketing Manager at Facebook. Formerly a Senior Product Manager at Hillary for America.
  • Crystal Patterson, currently Government & Politics Outreach Manager at Facebook. Formerly Communications Director at the Center for American Progress and worked in Online Communications at Hillary for America.
  • Marcus Raimondi, currently a Client Solutions Manager at Facebook. Formerly a Digital Advertising Strategist at Hillary for America.


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5 years ago

Well, it took the entire day, the second to last, before a Congressman actually brought up content that Zuckerberg revealed his true motives. Mr Duncan from S.C. brought up the Constitution and the First Amendment. Zuckerberg seemingly doesn’t consider his platform a vehicle for “free speech”. He surrounds his idea of content that is deemed “safe”. With leftists using “hate speech” as a violation of “safety” then anything that troubles those people cannot be allowed. I was somewhat leaning towards his side in much of the questions UNTIL this came up. I suspect His policy coincides with those same “safe place” zealots who are redefining the language. I NOW believe this man is DANGEROUS to society in general.

Mr Duncan correctly points out that the First Amendment applies to prohibiting Government but has allowed it to be applied to private businesses as newspapers and other media platforms. Social media has itself became a media platform the same as other media and therefore the First Amendment applies. It appears Zuckerberg is more concerned with his “safe spaces” rather than actually being an open platform. This is no different than other forms of communications where one has to “visit” a Facebook page to be “offended”. If I’m NOT on Facebook than how can “I” be offended or be unsafe. Zuckerberg has been giving “indications” that his desire is to “manipulate” society into what HE believes is a better society.

Too many, Conservatives especially, have deemed the prohibition to Government doesn’t allow the Government to even become involved in any way. This is a distortion of a basic understanding of what the text actually states. By stating the phrase “abridging the freedom of speech..” by implication gives authority for Government to “insure” the free exercise thereof. If the Government would “allow” the abridging by others then by inaction they are complicit. The Amendment also allows to peaceably assemble. Do these stalwarts believe the Government should stand down if prevented to assemble, or should Police be activated to “insure” those assembling are allowed to convene. If Government cannot protect the “Rights” of the people than what is it good for.

5 years ago

If Facebook were to suddenly disappear, something would have to fill the void. Whether one of these or something else would work, I don’t know. Just a thought.

5 years ago

I had the quite interesting conversation once with the IT woman in the company. I had worked for forty years in the tech field whereas this person was a recent graduate. She was astonished that, as a person in the field, I would have conservative leanings. Apparently something is being taught in schools that promote an ideology, or I suppose it could be the youthful ignorance of generations.