46 People Mass Overdose in One Day In One New Haven Connecticut Park


Connecticut police have made an arrest in connection with more than three dozen overdose cases at a New Haven park.

A total of 46 people overdosed on the New Haven Green today, and 25 occurred in a three-hour span in the morning, and four to six at a time.

A local man connected to about 30 of the overdose victims was arrested but his name has not been released. He was known to police and on parole.

Dozens were transferred to local hospitals.

The drug was believed to be synthetic cannabinoid K2 laced with Fentanyl. It was a bad batch. [These drugs come via drug cartels.]

The victims appeared to be suffering from a “multiple of signs and symptoms ranging from vomiting, hallucinating, high blood pressure, shallow breathing, semi-conscious and unconscious states, an official said. Two people had life-threatening symptoms, the local ABC News report said.



  1. Why are precious medical resources wasted on people who are intent on harming themselves? Doing drugs is a choice. Death is a real risk when doing illegal drugs. Leave them to their personally chosen fate.

  2. Marijuana impairs brain cells and can *weed* out those that put their trust in temporary, earthly pleasures. O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him. — Psalm 34:8 KJV

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