47 Courageous Senators Labeled as Traitors by Obama Media


On March 9th, an open letter was posted on Sen. Tom Cotton’s website with the signatures of 47 Republican senators. The letter was addressed to Iran’s leaders and advised them that any president who follows Barack Obama into the presidency has the power to cancel any nuclear deal they have negotiated.

The liberal newspapers are calling Republicans traitors for posting the letter. Barack Obama is furious with them.

Obama accused them of siding with hardliners although they are doing the opposite. He later said he felt “embarrassed” for them. These are typical Alinsky tactics.

The N.Y. Daily News called the letter “dangerous” and Joe Biden is ashamed.

For many of us, this is a case of congressmen with courage who are standing up for what they believe.

As an added bonus, they finally got one up on the imperial president.

If anyone is a traitor, it’s President Obama who has been consorting with the enemy and giving them free reign while alienating our allies. [Update: President Obama is going to ignore Congress and plans to ask the U.N. for approval. Congress is the only branch of government that represents the people directly and the U.N. is an organization of socialists and communist dictators. The purpose is to destroy the sanctions program against Iran.]

The open letter was signed by all but seven of the Republicans in the Senate and none of Obama’s fellow Democrats, who called it a “stunt.” Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif dismissed it as a “propaganda ploy” from pressure groups he called afraid of diplomatic agreement.

If Zarif thinks ill of the letter, you can be sure the letter is a good thing.

Congress plays a role in ratifying international agreements, the letter stated. Noting Obama will leave office in January 2017, the senators said any deal not approved by Congress would be merely “an executive agreement” that could be revoked by Congress.


Sen. Tom Cotton, who organized the letter writing, encouraged Hillary Clinton and all presidential candidates to sign the letter.

The only people Republicans betrayed are the Mullahs.

The Iranians didn’t like the letter and that tells me it’s a good thing.

During her presser today, Hillary Clinton attacked the Republicans for sending the letter.

Democrats have a different perspective when it concerns them.

Back in the 1980s, when President Reagan was in office, Sen. Ted Kennedy wrote to the Soviets in support of their cause in Nicaragua and asked the Soviets to interfere in the 1984 elections. This was at the same time Reagan was trying to help the freedom fighters who were pushing against the Soviet-backed Sandanistas. Senators John Kerry and Tom Harkin even went to Nicaragua in support of the communist Sandanistas.

Nancy Pelosi traveled to Syria to meet with Bashar al-Assad despite George Bush’s request not to.

In November 1990, two months after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, Carter wrote a letter to the heads of state of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. He urged the countries to drop their support for Bush’s proposed military solution.

They are the traitors unless people think the communists and fascists are people we should support.