4th Caravan Sets Out With Poor Salvadorans & Some Masked Men


A fourth caravan has set out for the United States from El Salvador. Central American cities are emptying out.

At least 150 Salvadorans have set off from their impoverished Central American country in a U.S.-bound caravan, according to Daily Mail.

Guarded by police officers, the men, women, and children of the gathering caravan marched on Sunday through San Salvador’s streets to Guatemala-bound buses, loaded with heavy backpacks, and water to set off on a journey of 2,700-miles.

This has been going on for years, only in smaller groups.

Many of the migrants are coming for jobs, but some are coming to commit crimes. There is something very unsettling about migrants waving foreign flags and wearing masks like the men in this photo.

While there are only 150 Salvadorans, the caravan will likely grow as all the others have grown. More than 50,000 illegal aliens have been crossing our border each month in recent months. That would dwarf these caravans.

The illegal immigrants are dramatically changing the United States — our society, politics, all of it.

Reuters made a point of the high crime rates in these Central American cities. They say that is why most are leaving. Many are farmers but if you look at the men in the photo above, they don’t look like farmers. The Reuters photo belies the facts of the article.

El Salvador and Honduras compete for the highest homicide rates in the world, according to official figures. Both countries rank among the poorest in the Americas, Reuters reported. The people say they are fleeing the gangs like MS-13, but we have those gangs here now.

Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis and other U.S. cities are rife with crime and high murder rates. If we keep letting unvetted aliens enter illegally, it will only get worse.

This is also going to place a heavy burden on Mexico. Many Mexicans have had enough.

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