5 Things Obama Will Tell Fox Viewers That Will Enrage Them



Barack Obama gave a “wide-ranging interview” to Chris Wallace that will be aired on Fox News Sunday and will be guaranteed to annoy and possibly enrage half the country that has resisted his far-left government.

Mostly, he wants to tell the largely Republican audience that Cruz and Trump are fringe candidates, they won’t win, and they are proof that he has struggled at times, not because of his own failings, but because of the opposition. His other main points will be that congress is violating the constitution by not giving a hearing to Merrick Garland and Hillary hasn’t done a thing wrong.

He continually pushes his Supreme Court nominee and thanks to the left-wing media, he’s winning public opinion but, to their credit, the Senate Judiciary is sticking to their word.

During the interview, the president of the left will discuss Hillary’s case and his non-role in the anger now rising among half the country.

It is obvious from his comments among his Hollywood friends at the recent fundraisers that he will bash Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, saying they are representative of the Republicans.

Any insults he hurls against the two candidates are insults against all Republicans. He said last week that he was going on Fox to reach another audience but one might wonder if it’s not to further denigrate and humiliate his enemies who are not in Iran or Cuba or Russia, but rather in the Republican party.

At the fundraisers with the Hollywood liberals, he insulted Trump and Cruz as fringe but typical of the party who have made his job difficult. They are not “outliers”, he told the Hollywood left who would choose our next president. He assured Hollywood that Trump would not succeed him.

Obama is quite sure about a Democrat winning and he gets that certainty from his ground people who are setting up the election with his angry base which includes illegal immigrants, refugees and other new Americans he sees voting in November. He knows because he has the media 100% behind him.

After putting the two Republicans down, he said they are the reason he’s had problems in congress as if it wasn’t his far-left agenda and his hate groups funded by Soros that have been the problems.

“Mr. Trump has actually done a service as Mr. Cruz is doing a service and that is laying bare, unvarnished some of the nonsense that we have been dealing with in Congress on a daily basis. People act as if these folks are outliers but they are not!” said Obama.

He continued, “We should thank Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz for just being honest that this is how we’re thinking these days, or not thinking these days. But it gives you a sense of what’s at stake in this election.”

Expect to hear more of that along with Hillary did nothing wrong.

For the ill-informed voter, this is going to be very effective. What he won’t talk about is how he has divided and conquered this country over race, religion, sex, and even our rights which he is destroying as Democrats cheer.



  1. First, if I want to hear more from Obama, I’ll squeeze his head. Second, Chris Wallace is nothing more than one of Fox’s representative progressive shills.
    When first I heard of the interview, I knew instinctively, there would be nothing but soft ball questions from Wallace.

    I’ll pass, thank you.

    • You got that exactly right! Wallace is brutal to our candidates but he just Obama bloviate during this interview of lies and manipulation.

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