5-Year Old in California Nabbed for Selling Lemonade without a License


Someone spotted a law-breaking 5-year old selling lemonade and snacks without a license in Porterville, California. The “good” citizen immediately called authorities.

The little girl Autumn Thomasson worked to earn enough money for a new bicycle on her own in less than 24 hours.

Her mother said, “It meant so much to know she earned her own money. She got to bring her own wallet and buy it herself and pay at the cash register.”

That was last year. Thanks to the mean citizen who reported her, she won’t be doing it next year. She received a very stern letter from the Porterville Finance Department demanding payment for a business license over her last summer’s sales.

To add insult to injury, the letter was accompanied with a copy of the proud mother’s Facebook posting about her daughter’s business.

The Porterville city manager explained complaints have come in over other evil capitalist children. He didn’t call them that but that’s obviously the problem.

City officials are now pulling back. One official said there was “no excuse” for sending the letter. “It makes the city look bad,” John Lollis told Fox 26.

Uh, yeah!

As it turns out, children don’t need a business license and she can sell lemonade once again.

Mr. Lollis and City Councilman Cameron Hamilton tried to visit her at home to tell her she could sell her lemonade after all but she wasn’t home.

Autumn plans to open her lemonade stand again ahead of the holidays in order to sponsor a family or classmate in need.

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Ruth A.
Ruth A.
6 years ago

They are at it again! Nothing better to do than shut down lemonade stands! A couple of years back they told a girl who was selling mistletoe to raise money for her braces she couldn’t do it in the park. She asked why she couldn’t, but people begging were not in trouble? The officer told her she could beg if she wanted to but she couldn’t sell anything! How about that for teaching our nations future voters?

6 years ago

“It makes the city look bad,” ,, “It makes the city look bad,”. Really???

But there are cases much worse than this. We are face to face with the beginnings of a tyrannical Government, at all levels, Local, State and Federal.

In this area Barbecues are a Big event and draws huge crowds. A great many participates and partake. In order to give back to the community the preparers decided to give the leftover meats to the local Homeless shelters and other community groups. Well, the City would have None Of That. They laid down a cease and desist order and to make sure, they doused ALL the meat with Bleach so it could not be used, even though Everyone was eating the same food just before. It hardly got a mention in local media. What needed to have happened is everyone involved should have been run out of town.

Oh, a big deal is made around Thanksgiving, with the participation of the media, in serving dinners for these people, but I guess Barbecue is Out Of The Question.

6 years ago

What’s next, taxing children for money received from the tooth fairy?