50 Police Officers Captured by ISIS in Ramadi


ISIS is currently on the offensive in Ramadi. ISIS is in the city center and have taken over the mosque and government buildings, including the police building. ISIS is said to have captured 50 police officers.

At least six suicide bombers and mortars were used to attack the compound with the police headquarters and the governor’s office.

video via LiveLeak

No biggie for Barack Obama. It’s just propaganda. The situation is dire and it’s in the heart of the Sunni territory but the United States is still claiming it will only be a propaganda win.

The push began Thursday with armored cars and 10 suicide bombers breaking open the gates and concrete walls. A Brit is allegedly one of those who blew himself up.

U.S. airstrikes are not working and ISIS is gaining ground despite the narrative spun by the president and the Iraqi government.

An army major whose regiment is positioned near the Anbar operations command described the situation as critical and said the militants had taken control of the only major supply route into the city.

Ramadi is just a little over 70 miles west of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. The city is in the middle of Iraq’s Sunni heartland and IS militants control most of Anbar province including parts of Ramadi.

While this is going on, the White House press secretary Eric Schultz during Friday’s briefing insisted that ISIS momentum has been blunted.

“It’s been a while since this has come up in this briefing, so let me just give you our latest rundown of the progress that we have indeed been making,” he said, citing a list of accomplishments against ISIS as proof that the terrorist group’s momentum had been “blunted.”

There is no plan on the part of the White House to change tactics.