53% of Dems Want to Impeach the President & All His Followers Too


A new Morning Consult poll says that 53 percent of Democrats want Congress to prioritize impeaching President Donald Trump.  Only 29 percent of independents and just 5 percent of Republicans agree, however.

They don’t want to simply impeach the President. The Democrats want to impeach his America First agenda and all of his followers. The Democrat party has moved to the hard-left, so much so that Communist Bernie Sanders agenda is now mainstream within the party.

Those numbers represent a 14 % increase since January. But the President’s overall support is the same or better.


Of that 53 percent, 47 percent say the President is unfit and, thanks to the corrupt media and idiot billionaire communists like Tom Steyer who campaign against the President 24/7, 50 percent say he has committed impeachable offenses.

He hasn’t but Rep. Al Green said he doesn’t have to commit a crime. Basically, they can impeach if they feel he’s not right for the office, according to these radicals.

Many are awaiting Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report and they could be swayed. That’s a problem since the only purpose for Mueller is to impeach the President in this soft coup they have going.

That report is coming as early as next week.


  1. One of the definitions of ‘impeach’ is to “bring an accusation against”, so it looks as if liberals have already tried to impeach President Trump & his followers with their ‘faux’ hate crimes agenda. Let’s hope the libs continue to be exposed for the liars that they are.

  2. 53% is the same number of Dhimmikkkrats that think O’krazio-Cortez is Smart . . . .

    Perhaps a One Way ticket to Venezuela might be offered FREE ! ! !

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