6 Men to Get Bonnie & Clyde, 29 to Nab Elderly Lobbyist Roger Stone


In the annals of famous arrests, Roger Stone’s has to go down as one of the most thuggish and absurd by an out-of-control prosecutor. The tactics used on Stone are those of a police state, and people seem apathetic or gleeful about it. Few seem to understand that they could one day be in the crosshairs, perhaps for political affiliation. Keep in mind that Stone did not commit a [alleged] crime until Mueller’s team terrorized him.

The arrest of Roger Stone by 29 FBI SWAT agents in bulletproof vests with guns drawn tells us two things.

For one, it shows this is a political prosecution. It is the criminalization of political opposition.

For another, there are no collusion or conspiracy charges, indicating the FBI has no evidence either took place. Stone was arrested for the same three process crimes they nabbed Martha Stewart for, namely perjury, obstruction, and witness tampering.

Lastly, it shows that Robert Mueller, a rogue DOJ unto himself, is going to great lengths and using desperate, violent means to get a lobbyist to turn on President Trump. The fear he hopes to engender could get Stone to create a story but that’s fine with Mueller.


Rush Limbaugh told his radio audience on Friday that the FBI’s predawn raid on longtime political operative Roger Stone’s home highlights “the criminalization of political opponents.”

It was much like the pre-dawn raid on the home of Elian Gonzalez, Limbaugh noted on his show. The press harshly criticized the arrest in their news reports, but media, social media, never Trumpers, and Democrats greeted Stone’s arrest with praise and rejoicing.

Ironically, “Roger Stone had not committed a crime until the Mueller investigation began. Roger Stone had not committed a crime until they began questioning him,” Rush said correctly.


Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and other Clinton associates did not face charges or have their homes raided for lying under oath, nor did any Clinton associates who told bald-faced lies.

James Clapper lied twice under oath and laughed it off.

Hillary Clinton wasn’t even sworn in so she couldn’t lie under oath.

Stone is accused of trying to get the stolen emails from the DNC via WikiLeaks just like every reporter in the USA. And he is accused of lying to Congress about Wikileaks according to House Democrats, something everyone else does routinely with impunity, including Lois Lerner.

The Stone lies are based on inconsistencies. Who wouldn’t be inconsistent after hours of testimony and thug tactics?


Twenty-three men in two choppers stormed the Osama bin Laden compound.

The couple had appeared in daylight in an automobile and slowed to look at his father’s car which police staged on the side of the road. A posse of four Texas officers (Frank Hamer, B.M. “Manny” Gault, Bob Alcorn, and Ted Hinton) and two Louisiana officers (Henderson Jordan and Prentiss Morel Oakley) shot and killed the pair.

That’s six people to take down the notorious killers and bank robbers.

Roger Stone, 66-year-old political consultant, lobbyist, and gadfly was taken down by 29 FBI agents in SWAT gear, heavily armed with rifles, and 17 law enforcement vehicles with lights flashing.

Two agents banged on the door with guns drawn and yelled twice, “FBI, open the door.”

By way of contrast, Paul Manafort, who committed crimes for years, was allowed to surrender at an FBI field office.

I witnessed a raid of a drug den in Mexico, and it took four men.

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John Gaultcsa
3 years ago

And CNN is on hand to film the whole thing like it was ‘Zero Dark 30.’
I hope the FBI & CNN get an Oscar Nomination for this performance.
66 year old unarmed Stone in his pajamas waking up assault rifles pointed in his face.
If they can do it to him they can do it to you.

Judy Pepenella
3 years ago

Amazing 29 FBI & 17 LEOs were needed to arrest Stone. Wonder how many would have been needed if he had a speeding ticket!

Janice Janes
Janice Janes
3 years ago

FBI agents will never be accused of “toxic masculinity” or any masculinity, for that matter.

3 years ago

Simple. It is because so many agents are assigned to “Get Trump”

Sanjaya Washington
Sanjaya Washington
3 years ago

The FBi is corrupt, and full of bogus heroes who are full of themselves.They want to be involved in anything that could get them noticed by the MSM, even if they contributed nothing, or it was someone else’s arrest.

Liberty Writer
Liberty Writer
3 years ago