600 Votes Turn Up Favoring Democrat Congressional Candidate in Ohio


Democrat Congressional Candidate Danny O’Connor ran a very clever campaign. He is likable, didn’t insult the President, and pretended he is moderate, which he is not.

Democrats were pumped up and 90 percent of Democrats in the 12th congressional showed up to vote. Only 40 percent of the Republicans voted. The district is a Republican district with over 8,000 more Republicans registered than Democrats. This should never have happened. O’Connor’s opponent Troy Balderson should have won the House seat handily.

Miraculously for Democrats, election officials found nearly 600 more votes.

Election officials in Franklin County found 588 previously uncounted votes in a Columbus suburb. The result: O’Connor had a net gain of 190 votes, bringing the race’s margin down to 1,564.

“The votes from a portion of one voting location had not been processed into the tabulation system,” according to a Franklin County Board of Elections news release.

This is all so very convenient for Democrats.

Also to be counted are 3,435 provisional ballots and 5,048 absentee ballots, which will be tabulated by Aug. 24.

If the margin is .5 or less, the recount is automatic. Who knows what votes will suddenly turn up.

Democrats often have the absentee ballots locked up.

This election is a special election and will only matter until the next election in November. Republicans have to get out and vote or the President will be the loser, his agenda will be over, Republicans will be in bad shape, the entire government will be a mess.

The Democrat tweeted:

This is a very important seat for Republicans.


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