6o Minutes Questioning Nancy Pelosi Investments & Legislative Decisions

Me? A Hypocrite?

Neat! 60 minutes will be airing an investigation it did on Nancy Pelosi’s legislative actions that might have benefited her husband’s stock investments.

According to multiple news reports60 Minutes reporter Steve Kroft sprang a number of questions on Pelosi at a recent press conference in Washington, D.C. about why legislation affecting credit-card swipe fees was not brought to the floor of the house for a vote late in 2008.

Earlier that year, Pelosi’s husband, San Francisco businessman Paul Pelosi, purchased between $1 and $5 million in Visa stock. Visa, based in San Francisco, was undergoing a large IPO.

Don’t worry, Politico ran to her aid and blamed it on the Conservative author who first discovered the conflict of interest.

Boehner was also asked questions by 60 Minutes about trades he made in health insurance stock while the healthcare legislation was going through, though any idiot could have made that call. Oddly, Politico didn’t run to his defense.

This ties in nicely with the story I did on Congress and Insider Trading.

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