7 of the Absolutely Worst Nobel Peace Prize Winners

Alfred Nobel
Alfred Nobel

In accordance with Alfred Nobel’s will, the Peace Prize is to be awarded to individuals and institutions that “have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.” Nobel would come back from the dead to rewrite his will if he knew to whom the award has been given. To look for a more worthless award than this we would probably have to go to New York and the declaration just awarded to traitor and communist spy Ethel Rosenberg for having “great courage.”

We are going to count down to draw up suspense, don’t cheat.


Mohatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi

7. Nobody (1948)

If the Nobel Prize committee can’t think of a single person or institution worthy of their prize, they can give it to Nobody.

They made the decision to do so in 1948 when the obvious candidate would have been Mahatma Gandhi who led India’s remarkable peaceful movement for independence. After being nominated 12 times and assassinated in 1948, they still couldn’t bring themselves to pick him. They said the recipient had to be living and they would not make an exception for him.

Ignoring Gandhi for his exceptional achievement of winning a war through completely peaceful means would have justified their existence.

They preferred Nobody.


Kofi Annan
Kofi Annan

6. Kofi Annan and the United Nations (2001)

Kofi Annan and the U.N. were given the award to “work for a better organized and more peaceful world.”

Kofi Annan led the U.N. towards its decline in credibility, a decline which has gone unnoticed by Barack Obama, but it’s a decline nonetheless with misogynists running women’s committees, terrorists in charge of peace deals, and dictators attempting to assume control of the Internet and the world governments.

Annan helped bring about its decline in credibility with his corrupt Iraq arms-for-food program. Annan appears to have misled investigators about his crony contacts with his son’s company before they won a U.N. contract.

Nice move committee!


FDR with Cordell Hull
FDR with Cordell Hull

5. Cordell Hull (1945)

Secretary of State Hull, helped create the U.N. which seemed a good idea at the time and his efforts towards peace were well known. In 1939, the SS St. Louis attempted to bring 950 Jewish refugees from Hamburg to America to save them from the Holocaust about to take place. Secretary Hull convinced FDR to not allow the refugees to dock. They were forced to return to Germany and many if not most were tortured and slaughtered by the Nazis. Some say Hull was anti-immigrant.

It’s fairly certain that FDR didn’t need much convincing. In the 12 years he was in office, he made sure the quota of Jews was not filled by adding restrictions.


Mikhail Gorbachev
Mikhail Gorbachev

4. Mikhail Gorbachev (1990)

The Nobel Committee had blinders on when it came to dictators and other vile leaders. In 1990, they decided to give the award to a man who embodied those qualities but who didn’t even succeed at it.

He was ousted in 1991 after he tried to hold onto power by sending the KGB and military into the Baltic States.


Al Gore-acle
Al Gore-acle

3. Al Gore (2007)

Al Gore won because “he is probably the single individual who has done most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures that need to be adopted” regarding climate change and global warming.

Al Gore used the now fully discredited Hockey Stick theory as the basis for his global warming claims. The Hockey Stick claimed to trace the temperatures from Medieval Times.  The International Panel on Climate Change which shared the award has since admitted the Mann Hockey Stick graph was based on faulty reading of global temperature data.

Even though it has been debunked, the climate change movement continues to wreak havoc on fossil fuel production and is causing increases in electric and gas bills for no recordable gain along with a loss of jobs. And they’ve only just begun. Gore lived in a 20-room home with no alternative energy sources to heat or cool his home or pool house or pool. He also never stops flying around in private jets.

His film, An Inconvenient Truth, had a minimum of nine obvious untruths, alarmist exaggerations about the rising of sea levels, unfounded claims of the effects of global warming, and it was all done with manipulated statistics. The entire global warming theory is based on unprovable computer models. They are predicting what will happen in 100 years but they can’t predict what Hurricane Joaquin is doing in the Bahamas. If you go to the weather channels, you will see at least five possible tracks, all completely different. The Hurricane was hanging out, doing nothing for days and the climatologists, who would deign tell us what will happen in 100 years, didn’t have a clue what would happen in the next hour.


Yassar Arafat
Yassar Arafat

2. Yasser Arafat (1994)

In a nod to yet another terrorist, Yasser Arafat won and shared the award with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres.

Time magazine wrote at the time that “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” He worked on the Oslo Peace Accords which was meant to create “opportunities for a new development toward fraternity in the Middle East.” It was just another meaningless piece of paper in a sea of them both before and after the award was given.

More than any other unworthy recipient, his did more to demean the value of the prize until our choice for number one came along. Arafat never repented for being a terrorist and had a long history of advocating violence against Israel which continued after the prize was given. He supported groups that bombed, hijacked, assassinated and otherwise prevented peace.

His other notable achievement was keeping Palestinians impoverished while he carried on corrupt enterprises. His main goal is life was to kill Jews and take their land. A peace agreement to him meant he’d first take the land and then kill them.



1.President Barack Obama (2009)

While a case could be made for giving the number one slot to Yasar Arafat, Barack Obama steals the spot for winning the award by doing absolutely nothing. This was the year NOBODY would have been better. What made this award particularly egregious was the person they rejected – Irena Sendler, the Polish Schindler – who also lost the award in 2007 to Al Gore.

Irena Sendler
Irena Sendler

In 1942, Sendler, a Polish social worker, formed a group of eventually 25 people who rescued Jewish children from the Nazis. She had the escapes amazingly timed to the second. Most of the children were taken into Roman Catholic convents, orphanages and homes. They were given non-Jewish names. Sendler kept their real names in jars and after the war tried to return the children to their natural families but most were dead. Tragically, she was only successful in a couple cases. The children were either adopted by Poles or sent to Israel.

In 1943, Sendler was captured by the Nazis and tortured. She never gave up the names of her co-conspirators nor would she say where the jars of names were buried – they were buried in a friend’s garden. The Nazis broke her feet and her legs in one torture session. A Gestapo officer helped her escape after accepting a bribe. Sendler then continued her rescue efforts.

Sendler helped about 3,000 Polish Jews escape by war’s end.

Barack Obama suggested he didn’t deserve the award in 2009 and he obviously didn’t. He was nominated for the prize only 12 days after becoming president and it was awarded months later when he still hadn’t done anything peaceful. He accepted the undeserved award anyway.

He was given the award for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

They must have been talking about his nasty anti-Bush campaign rhetoric which he continues to this day when he hopes to get out of hot water.

“Very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future,” the Norwegian Nobel Committee said, pointing to his calls to reduce the world’s stockpile of nuclear weapons and work to reignite the stalling Middle East Peace process.

He has not only been an abject failure, he’s put the country and the world in worse danger with his bad deals and bad policies.

The award was given as a slap in the face of George Bush but at least one committee member has expressed regret because the award didn’t have the effect they had hoped for.  The committee claimed the award was given to strengthen Obama’s hand in achieving nuclear disarmament but it failed.

The truth is the committee wanted to mock Bush and ended up being the subject of mockery.

To the committee for giving an award that made them look like fools and to Obama who was the fool, Obama has to be the all-time worst winner and this will be hard to beat though we have no doubt the committee can do it.


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