7 Reasons Hillary Won’t Win


There are a lot of reasons why Hillary won’t win but seven is a good start. The only question we need answered here at the Sentinel is how could anyone vote for her?



Hillary’s poll numbers are going down no matter what she does or says and no matter how well-scripted. People are on to her. She can’t even beat the angry old RADICAL SOCIALIST running against her and he is not even a Democrat.

In one Iowa poll, Bernie is even with Hillary and he’s winning New Hampshire.

iowa poll Quinnipiac

Hillary going down

HIllary losing in NH


She wouldn’t apologize for the email scandal and for compromising national security because it was allowed though we all know the only thing allowed was a personal email account.

She gave an insincere and untimely apology for something she said was allowed only 24 hours before.


Hillary compromised national security to hide her public business from the American people, not caring that foreign intelligence probably had it. She knew the risks and didn’t care.

Listen to her at George Washington University in 2011 saying “hackers break into personal email accounts.”


The Clinton Foundation mixes politics with political donations. There were many questionable donations after Hillary Clinton approved deals with foreign entities. The uranium deal might have been the worst.

Bill Clinton was paid handsomely for speeches after Hillary made favorable decisions as Secretary of State.


Hillary doesn’t even know what she has accomplished in her career beyond passing the baton. In any case, she was able to get through all her accomplishments in under two minutes.


Hillary’s operatives had to announce that a new, ‘spontaneous’, funny, and heartwarming Hillary was about to emerge. If you have to plan spontaneity, something is seriously wrong with the candidate.

She did crack a joke after her campaign announced she would be more humorous. Ellen DeGeneres asked her about being too old to be president which was obviously a planned question to which she responded, “I’ll be the youngest woman ever elected president.” I don’t think she’s ready for stand up.


She’s clueless. She thinks controversy follows her around as if she was an innocent hurricane victim yet she is facing an indictment for doing far more to endanger national security than General Petraeus ever did.


  1. Remember 62-64% of the women voted for Obama and reelected him apparently they must be happy with his socialist agenda. Now Hillary and Obama share the same political agenda and I fear the women voters, despite all the negative media attention, will help put Hillary in office in 2016. Our military is downsized to dangerous levels, our borders are unprotected, taxes are high and the congressional budget is enormous, illegal immigration is out of control and Congress sits by idly and does nothing. Regretfully our citizens will once again use poor judgement and put Hillary in the White House in 2016. It doesn’t look good for our country.

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