70% Of Border Agents Forced to Aid, Abet, Facilitate Cartel Smugglers


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crossing illeally

Illegals swimming across the Rio Grande.

Border Patrol Agent, Hector Garza, spokesperson for the National Border Control Council for the Laredo area, told CNN that the federal government, aka the Obama administration, is “aiding, abetting and facilitating the smuggling of illegal aliens across the border”. He describes it as an abuse of our immigration system.

Smugglers and coyotes are all members of drug cartels and Obama is making our ICE agents into human smugglers.

We should have the National Guard on the border and arrests should be made of anyone supporting this invasion.

Hector Garza

Hector Garza

Mr. Garza said that it is a humanitarian crisis in some ways because we are seeing a lot of children but it is really a border security crisis. About 70% of the agents are not doing their job and have been reassigned. About 30% are in the field protecting the country.

illegals on the train

Illegals coming by train are not all children.

Dangerous drugs and dangerous criminals are getting through and making their way into our communities because agents are not manning the border.

The government is facilitating the smuggling and obviously is allowing more criminals into the country at the same time.

Mr. Garza described the situation: An agent is at the border, a smuggler safely hands the people over to the agent, the people are then told to come back for a hearing and none of them will.

The mothers are coming with four or five children and are going to all be on welfare – how do you expect her to get a job? he asks. It is going “to cost the taxpayer a lot of money.”


Listen to what turned up in this shocking investigation by two reporters. Agents who capture Central Americans can’t send them back because Mexico won’t take them – they are not Mexican citizens. Many are men coming illegally and they are here to stay.


The illegals believe Barack Obama gave them permission to stay. That’s true since there is nothing to stop Barack Obama from sending these families home immediately and he will not do it. Instead he’s getting them lawyers whose job it will be to keep them here.

illegals coming by sea

Illegals coming on rafts with smugglers.

Barack Obama said congress won’t do his job but he also will not do his job. He won’t enforce immigration law or border security. He is violating the law of the land which he swore to uphold.

illegals dying on the dangerous journey

Many illegals die on the dangerous journey.

Bob Trent, the Secretary Treasurer of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, wrote the following in correspondence with the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers and which was shared with the Sentinel.

What does it all add up to? It certainly isn’t coincidental and it certainly isn’t an outpouring of US compassion that explains this. There might be some of that, but that’s not what explains this. Now, I will go out on a limb here, and I will posit the possibility that we may as well accept the fact that the Border Patrol is no longer a Border Patrol in terms of the way they’re being used by the Regime. You could say that the Border Patrol now has been converted into taxpayer-paid coyotes. What does a coyote do? A coyote arranges transit for an illegal of any age from Mexico or anywhere else across the border. They come in packs. They sardine ‘em in vans, you know the drill.

The Border Patrol is escorting these unaccompanied children across the border and connecting them with their so-called relatives who they’ve never met before, exactly what coyotes do. They’re picking up where the Mexican coyotes leave off, literally. This is gonna be a very controversial thing to say, and again, it’s obvious this is what’s happening. But so few people can get their arms around it and believe it that it sounds like, once again, I’m coming up with another bunch of extreme statements. I’m just telling you what’s going on down there. I could not invent this. My mind doesn’t work this way. I could not in any way, shape, manner form be involved.

The only way I could come up with this explanation is to watch it happen. There’s no politics in this analysis that I’m giving you here. I’m just telling you what’s happening, as they say, on the ground. The Border Patrol are meeting illegal aliens at the border. They’re escorting them to their destinations in the US as an added bonus, el freebo. Now, unlike the Mexican coyotes, they are doing it free. Well, not really, because we, the taxpayers, are actually paying them to do this.

Josh Earnest, speaking at a press briefing in the White House July 1, said that the White House would continue doing nothing about closing the border.  “I think the President was pretty direct when he talked about this yesterday that he would do as much as he can. And so the question that is then posed is what exactly can he do. And that’s what he’s trying to figure out, and that’s what will be the topic of this review. And upon completion of that review, we’ll have a much better idea of how many of the problems that are left unfixed by Congress can actually be solved through the use of executive authority.”

He could put law enforcement down on the border instead of only judges and lawyers. He could deport the adults coming through and I believe he should send the children and the illegal families they are united with back home after they charge the adults with child abuse.

Actually, Barack Obama did do something, he ordered border patrol to no longer refer to illegal children as illegal. They are now simply unaccompanied children.

We are more than $17.5 trillion in debt; our jobs numbers reflect mostly part-time jobs with involuntary part-time workers increasing by 275,000 to 7.5 million; the number of women in the labor force decreased and is the lowest it has been in a year; the stock market will correct at some point and is being artificially propped up by about $65 billion a month in money printed by the feds; and we face existential threats from the southern border and the Middle East with some invaders from terror nations slipping through our southern border. Despite this, our president has authorized an invasion by what has amounted to millions of invaders. Some are criminals and many are child abusers.

All he has to do is man the border and send them back to end this.

Mr. Obama’s response is to pull border control agents off the border and make them into coyotes. Why has no one written an arrest order for the president?



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