Take Down The Capitalist System


I wasn’t going to post this information about a plot by anti-capitalist union leaders because there wasn’t much information out about it beyond the video of former SEIU official, Stephen Lerner, discussing it. I am always leery of information about conspiracy theories. I changed my mind today.

To summarize,  Stephen Lerner  is heard on video detailing his plan of destroying the banks in an effort to topple our capitalist system. He said he was starting with J.P. Morgan Chase. He elaborates on the video about other aspects of the organized plot against our system.

I decided to post this after seeing an article this morning on p.A23 of Newsday. The title reads, “Hempstead urged to shun Chase.” The text of the article reads that 20 foreclosure victims and village residents urged the Village of Hempstead board of trustees to stop doing business with J.P. Morgan Chase Bank because of their claim that they have a “terrible foreclosure record.” NY Communities for Change, formerly known as ACORN, brought the resolution to the board on Wednesday. It is part of a statewide campaign to get municipalities to close accounts with the bank giant. They blame Chase for the area’s blight.

Full Video of Stephen Lerner

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