75% of New Refugees to Germany Will Be on Lifetime Welfare


A new study out of Germany, found that most of the new immigrants, 75% to be accurate, will be on the public dole for life. Things could change but the outlook isn’t good.

The Institute for Employment Research (IAB) admits only 45 per cent of Syrian refugees in Germany have a school-leaving certificate and 23 per cent a college degree.

The report said 484,000 of the refugees are looking for work, up from 322,000 last July — an increase of 50 per cent.

“Of those, 178,500 are officially unemployed, meaning they not only have no work but are not enrolled in any training programs or language courses — up 27 per cent on last July.

Only 13 percent of the recent refugees found work.

It’s so much worse than this indicates. If people can’t be productive and get jobs, they won’t assimilate and they’ll find illegitimate lines of work.

Germany has 1.1 million of the refugees who poured into the EU. No one blames them for doing that but the wiser thing to do would be to have given them a safe area carved out by air support until they could go back home. Merkel and Obama together seriously damaged the West with their idiotic views. They were guided by political correctness instead of common sense and basic logic.

What the hay was the point of this? Germany shipped in all these people, without proper vetting, without the resources to get them educated and, most of all, to provide them with jobs. They are now stuck with hundreds of thousands of people who will be on the dole for life.

The brilliant idea of the German left, especially Angela Merkel, was to replace the Germans since they weren’t having enough children.

This is Germany’s future

Germany’s system requires them to have a certain number of youth to support the aging population. Therefore, they seemed to think they’d bring in strangers from very foreign lands to care for the in their old age and restore Germany for generations to come.

Germany was looking to end their skill’s shortage and solve the demographic problem resulting from their low birth rate.

“Dieter Zetsche, chief executive of carmaker Daimler, said the refugees could lay the foundation for the ‘next German economic miracle,'” the Express reported.

The Express reports that the lack of qualifications and language skills is sinking in.

“Ms Özoğuz told the FT: “There has been a shift in perceptions.

“‘Many of the first Syrian refugees to arrive in Germany were doctors and engineers, but they were succeeded by many, many more who lacked skills.’”

Sovereignty and culture was given little regard in the initial planning, but maybe it’s because Merkel was raised in East Germany. East Germany was like a Russian nation. She didn’t understand the nature of German culture or other cultures for that matter. She’s a smart woman with no practical sense.

It’s not bigotry to recognize that people with very different cultures and beliefs might not find jobs and might not assimilate. Actually, the left disregards assimilation and borders.

The leftists caused the initial problem. They talked the youth into having fewer children, partly over some contrived population explosion, and then they took in people for whom they have little to offer.

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