Aaron Hernandez Personally Murdered Odin Lloyd


aaron.hernandez1 Photo of Aaron Hernandez with tats

Aaron Hernandez shot the bullets that killed his friend Odin Lloyd according to Carlos Ortiz. Ortiz is one of two friends who was with Hernandez the night Lloyd died. He said Hernandez admitted to him that he killed Mr. Lloyd.

Hernandez, former Patriots’ football star, is accused of killing Odin Lloyd, 27, in an industrial park half-a-mile from his home. The motive was Lloyd’s “dissing” him by talking to patrons in a bar that Hernandez didn’t like. The “dissing” could be connected to two other murders. In fact, Hernandez is now being investigated for a fourth murder that occurred while he was in high school.

Abc news has the story.

Is violence prevalent in the NFL and is it a product of a violent game one has to wonder?

Bleacherreport.com says no. They quote one tweet from Ian Kenyon: “The NFL has approximately 2,900 players right now (90×32). 40 were arrested in 2012 (1.3%). National average is around 10.8%.”

Bleacher also quoted Jason Derusha of CBS Minnesota in 2011: “Since 2000, the San Diego Union Tribune has found 573 NFL players arrested for things bigger than speeding. That’s an arrest rate of 1 in every 45 players. According to the FBI, the national arrest rate in 2009, for all arrests, is 1 in 23.”

Hopefully, there won’t be more Aaron Hernandez players any time soon, but let’s not blame football for him or should we?

This past year, off-season NFL crime is up 50%!

The NFL does have to be much more careful about the problematic players they give opportunities to because they see dollar signs before their eyes.

Hernandez, the scary liar:


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