80% of Iran’s Demands Are Being Met by an Administration at War with Israel – Updated


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A report via The Jerusalem Post claims Channel 10 has evidence that the P5+1 have agreed to 80% of Iran’s demands in the nuclear talks, including allowing Iran to keep 7,000 centrifuges which makes them a threshold nuclear state. They would be able to sprint to a bomb in about three months.

If Iran doesn’t decide to bomb Israel themselves, though they’ve said they would, they will be happy to supply other terrorist states. In the least, it will set off an arms race among Sunni nations worried about their own survival.

Washington scoffed at the report but they have given in to Iran on almost everything along the way, including giving two extensions beyond the final deadline.

John Kerry left Geneva with the impression the Iranians were going to stop work on the Plutonium facility. Iran actually went on a spending spree buying material that could be used to produce nuclear-weapons grade plutonium for a bomb.

They never stopped work on the bomb. They also said that it was not true they capitulated on giving up their ‘right’ to develop uranium.

The administration assured us Iran was sticking to the interim deal which shows us how well their monitoring program is working as per the interim deal.

They will allow Iran to have the bomb for the deal that is no deal at all. They are not upset or infuriated with Iran but they are infuriated with Netanyahu for an alleged faux pas in accepting an invitation from Speaker Boehner to speak before Congress in March. This is an invitation which is well within Speaker Boehner’s right to extend.

In addition, Obama was informed. He’s been lying.

Obama knew

Netanyahu addressed the issue:

“It is possible to solve procedural problems related to my appearance in the United States,” he said, “but if Iran obtains nuclear arms that is something that will be a lot more difficult to solve, and that is what we are opposed to and are focusing on.”

“We are in a continuous struggle with Iran which is opening new fronts against us, which is engaged in terrorism in the Middle East and throughout the world,” Netanyahu said. “This is the same Iran that the world powers are now working toward an agreement that would leave in its hands the ability to develop a nuclear bomb. That is an agreement we are opposed to.”

Netanyahu said Israel is continuously coming under attacks organized by Iran. “Iran is trying to uproot us from here, but they will not succeed,” he said. “We put down roots here , and will continue to do so, and will continue to make the country flower and create new life.”

The only thing that explains this treatment is that our administration are anti-Semites. Why else would they be doing this?

Every Middle East country – except Israel – is not democratic and persecutes people of other faiths, gays, women, and those with opinions inconsistent with those of their governments, yet it is Israel that is insulted, demonized and threatened by our administration over even the smallest missteps.

Barack Obama has removed the U.S. from the Middle East, started an unnecessary war with Libya which is now a failed state, has supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan.

By removing U.S. forces from the region, and by showing tremendous weakness with Iran, the administration has given Iran the opportunity to expand their already broad reach.

Leaving the Middle East has allowed Al Qaeda and ISIS to fill the void we left.

All of this has increased the danger to Israel.

Did he not know this would happen? I knew.

The administration continually assails Israel for trying to build on their own land and makes outlandish demands of them including but not limited to demanding they retreat to pre-1967 borders without concessions or promises of peace, negotiate with the terrorist group Hamas, remove the blockade of Gaza and build a port for them with funds from the terror-sponsoring nation of Qatar.

He says nothing about the human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia or Iran and refuses to talk with Iran about any of their recent attacks on Israel, arrests of Americans or the takeover of Yemen during their nuke talks.

People are being beheaded and he says nothing and we know he can say something if it concerns Netanyahu.

The slightest perceived offense by Netanyahu brings Obama to a state of fury. Then he cowardly sends unnamed sources out to relay that to the media.

His unnamed minions said Netanyahu spat in their faces by agreeing to speak before Congress, but Iran not following the interim deal is not a spit in the face.

As it turns out, President Obama was told of the invitation before Netanyahu was invited.

His unnamed sources called Netanyahu a “chickenshit” but Mr. Obama is the one who hides behind unnamed sources.

Iran mullahs and the Ayatollah who daily scream “death to America” and “death to Israel” are not chickenshits.

Obama met last week with the Muslim Brotherhood members who are trying to overthrow President el-Sisi of Egypt. El-Sisi is protecting Christians and is attempting to fight radical Islam. El-Sisi would love nothing better than to work with the U.S. to fight radical Islam. Obama, for his part, seems to want to overthrow him and replace the government with Muslim Brotherhood members who have been clearly rejected by the Egyptian people.

The Iranian National Guard have a base in the Golan Heights and are operating out of Gaza but Obama will say nothing about it to the Iranians.

Obama aligns himself with the likes of Wright, Khalidi, Ayers, Sharpton, Erdogan, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Mullahs, Raul Castro, vicious dictators in Africa, but rejects our only reliable ally in the Middle East – Israel.

He’s an anti-Semite and he is a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer. The administration is not at war with radical Islam since there is no radical Islam. They appear to be at war with Israel and Egypt.

So while he’s making deals with Iran who pose an existential threat to Israel, think about this, we are targeted by Iran – we are to them, the ‘Great Satan’.


It should also be noted that this Iranian deal is one that Hillary Clinton has fully supported.

Update: February 4, 2015:

Israel Army Radio reported that Israel got the news of the status of the negotiations from the EU. They are angry that U.S. Secretary of State Kerry is making deals behind their backs:

According to EU officials, US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, have discussed increasing the number of centrifuges which Iran would be permitted to keep. In exchange, the Iranians would undertake an obligation to bring their influence to bear in order to ensure quiet in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

European diplomats are quoted by Israeli officials as saying that the U.S. in recent weeks has made significant concessions in its talks with Iran, so much so that it is willing to permit Tehran to operate 6,500 centrifuges while lifting sanctions that have hurt its economy this past decade.

According to scientists 6,500 centrifuges will still allow Iran to quickly generate weapons-grade nuclear fuel.

The Europeans have told the Israelis that these concessions were offered in exchange for Iranian promises to maintain regional stability. According to Army Radio, the EU is opposed to the proposed linkage between the nuclear issue and other geopolitical matters. In fact, the Europeans suspect that Washington is operating behind Brussels’ back and that Kerry has not bothered to keep them in the loop in his talks with Zarif.

Iran is the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world.

The Associated Press has different information. They reported on Tuesday that U.S. and Iranian negotiators have been discussing a compromise to break the impasse.

Iran is adamant that it will not accept a major reduction to its current capacity of about 10,000 operational centrifuges. Meanwhile, the U.S. and its allies have been pushing for less than 4,000, on the grounds that any greater capacity would allow Iran to enrich enough weapons-grade uranium for a bomb within a year, should Tehran decide to build a nuclear arsenal.

The possible compromise under consideration, according to the AP, would see most of the 10,000 centrifuges in operation left in place but reconfigured so that they would be less productive.  One way of doing that would be to spin the centrifuges slower.

I’m not kidding. That’s the plan.

This is the offer Iran made last March but was rejected.

Iran would share this with other terrorists in the region and there will be an arms race.

Barack Obama is still destroying our weapons. He just began destroying our chemical weapons and has been working on nuclear stockpiles.


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