80k Migrants Head for Europe as Merkel Fights to Survive


There are currently about 80,000 Muslim migrants enroute to Western Europe, The New York Times is reporting.

“Countries along a new Balkan migrant route pledged on Thursday to work together to prevent a repetition of the 2015 influx that brought over a million ‘refugees’ into Europe from North Africa and the Middle East.

Security and police officials from the region met in Bosnia to discuss their response to growing traffic along a new smuggling route from Greece through Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia to Croatia and western Europe.

The invaders plan to make their way from Greece to western and central Europe. If Austria and Slovenia are successful in blocking the economic migrants, Bosnia and Herzenogovia promise to block them as well.

Officials in Bosnia say a growing number of migrants are illegally crossing the Bosnian border from Serbia and Montenegro, using Bosnia as a new transit route on their way to Western Europe.

“These are mixed migrations where only 20 per cent are refugees. The rest are economic migrants, among which are countless families coming from 45 different countries,” Ujic told the news agency FENA on Tuesday.


This won’t help Angela Merkel’s situation as she fights to maintain power in Germany.

Her Interior Minister is demanding that she agree to return all migrants who do not pass their screening. She has to come up with a plan. If she doesn’t, she has to fire  the Minister. That will cause a crisis which will likely make her ability to maintain power untenable.

The German Bild newspaper, which has been solidly behind Chancellor Angela Merkel, has just blared the headline,  “Merkel knew about asylum failure”.

Merkel is seen as responsible for the migrant crisis. She unilaterally planned the EU asylum and did not ask leaders of member states if they agreed.

More than 1.6 million entered Germany in three years. They are not assimilating and most rely on benefits.

The Bild reports that Merkel knew the disaster she created and that there are “secret documents, which are to be kept under lock and key”.

The refugee management office did not have the necessary experience and is accused of mismanagement. They cannot explain how they can manage the asylum seekers.

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