84 Lumber’s Super Bowl Ad Said to Promote Illegal Immigration out of Greed


The brainwashing at the Super Bowl didn’t come as a result of Lady Gaga with her subtle song lyrics, it came from the Budweiser and 84 Lumber commercials. The left is determined to politicize everything, even sports, and it’s causing some to boycott.

The ad for 84 Lumber blatantly promoted illegal immigration.

The American Dream appears to include open borders. 84 Lumber lied and claimed it was about legal immigration but the desert scene gave them away, along with several other scenes.

If all the people coming here weren’t dangerous and didn’t collect benefits, most would be fine with this. In any case, the politicization of sports, commercials, everything we see and hear, is a real problem.

The left supports the American Dream but what is the dream they are supporting?

That has caused some people to announce on reddit, they were dropping 84 Lumber.

Contractor here, I just called 84 Lumber and had then remove all financial information about my company over the Super Bowl ad after being a customer 7 years. We have 14 houses coming up in the next 3 months, I informed them I am using a new apolitical company called ProBuild.


I run a company that ships commodities by rail. We use tons of lumber every month for bracing. 5-10k/month. Any opinions on Lowe’s vs Home depot?

Went with local lumber company. Majority of employees are vets. They fly the largest American Flag in town.

Gaydon Wholesale Lumber. Read about their history, the epitome of the American Dream.

Many others were turned off by the propagandized commercials.

One comment on the reddit thread:

…84 lumber knows that Mexican illegals took all the roofing and carpentry jobs from Americans and they want to tap into that illegal market…84 lumber woke my fury in remembrance of my old carpenter boss who hung himself because he couldn’t do his craft anymore. Lost his wife, house and was losing his work truck so he hung himself. Illegal immigration hurts Americans and 84 lumber supports actions that kill Americans. 

Another wrote:

They struck a nerve with me. Illegal immigration has very real consequences for American workers. Men take the fact that they can no longer support their families so seriously that they will even kill themselves because of it. 84 lumber must be driven out of business. Raid all their work sites and put ICE in every 84 lumber store. They will be out of business in a month.

And another:

And not to mention that the money they get paid (most of it under the table as cash) isn’t taxed, so they’re screwing the government out of income tax, and then they’re sending that money to other countries via Western Union.

The only people profiting off of this are their families back at home and the Western Union CEO. It hurts America’s labor force, it hurts America’s economy, and it hurts American values.

“Immigrants do the jobs that Americans don’t want to.” That’s a damn lie, Americans would be happy to have a job at this point but they can’t because some contractors are hiring these illegal immigrants under the table at $8 an hour, cash.

Do they have a point?

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