8Chan Owner Says El Paso Killer Did NOT Load His Manifesto to His Site


Jim Watkins said that the El Paso killer’s manifesto that might have been written by the shooter was uploaded to 8Chan moments before the shooting by someone other than the shooter.

He doesn’t know if the shooter wrote the manifesto. It was uploaded to Instagram and then someone put it on his website.

Watkins said the manifesto is not protected, legal speech and he would not have allowed it as such.

The army vet owner of the anonymous message board said the manifesto was uploaded by the shooter on Instagram. He added that law enforcement has been informed.

Ironically, it was the Facebook-owned Instagram that first had it on their website.

On the video, he describes the efforts to destroy 8Chan and anyone tied to him. The big companies want to put small companies out of business, especially if they allow free speech.

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