9-11-Tied Terrorist Al-Marri Was Likely Released in a U.S. Prisoner Swap


Do you think the United States won’t trade extremely dangerous terrorists for Americans held captive? Our policy might be to do exactly that though soldiers held in Mexican jails are given no regard.

A convicted al Qaeda sleeper agent, Ali Saleh Al-Marri, was offered in trade for an American couple via our new friends in the terror-sponsoring nation of Qatar immediately after Obama traded five dangerous Taliban for deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

The secret deal might have been realized. The American couple were released in December and Al- Marri was released last week. Read an excerpt from Al-Marri’s plea deal below to see how dangerous this guy really is.

Al-Marri, convicted stateside and only sentenced to 8 years as it was, is a bad and scary guy who came here on the eve of the September 11 attacks, having volunteered his services to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

These war criminals are being tried in civilian courts as if they were common criminals and they’re getting sentences as if they were criminals. Al-Marri should have been in GITMO and he should never have been released.


The Daily Beast posted evidence that this was indeed a trade.

The United States under Barack Obama appears to be willing to trade dangerous terrorists for Americans held abroad – and to do it in secret – despite the fact that they will undoubtedly return to terrorism.

In a letter obtained by The Daily Beast, Rep. Duncan Hunter accused the administration of failing to pursue other avenues for freeing Americans abroad and relying on prisoner releases or exchanges, “which are often counter to U.S. security interests, for leverage in negotiations.” The congressman also alluded to other potential swaps, saying it’s his understanding that “other foreign nationals” who are still in U.S. custody “have also been named as potential figures of interest in other cases, with Qatar at the forefront.”

The couple who were imprisoned in Qatar but who were released in this possible exchange are Matthew and Grace Huang. They were held for the unexplained death of their adopted daughter.

Do we even know if they were guilty or not?


The idea to trade Al-Marri came from a “government contractor” in Qatar connected to a relative of Al-Marri’s.

The government described Al-Marri’s release as routine which it was not. Our government is lying to us.

Al-Marri is an enemy combatant and much of the information about him and Al-Qaeda’s reach into the United States came from the waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Al-Marri returned to Qatar for a hero’s welcome.

He was a money man for Al Qaeda and was sent back to a country – Qatar – that funds terrorism throughout the world.

Read an excerpt from Al-Marri’s plea deal and you decide if he should be free in Qatar:

The defendant met Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other members and associates of al Qaeda. The defendant offered his services to al Qaeda. In 2001, the defendant was approached by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was then the external operations chief for al-Qaeda, about assisting al Qaeda operations in the United States. The defendant agreed to do so and knew at the time that he entered into the agreement with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to assist al Qaeda operations in the United States that he was providing himselfto al Qaeda to further al Qaeda’s terrorist objectives. The defendant was instructed by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to enter the United States no later than September 10, 2001, with an understanding that he was to remain in the United States for an undetermined length of time.

. . .

The defendant researched online information related to various cyanide compounds. The defendant’s focus was on various cyanide substances, including hydrogen cyanide, potassium cyanide, and sodium cyanide. The defendant reviewed toxicity levels, the locations where these items could be purchased, and specific pricing of the compounds. The defendant also studied various commercial uses for cyanide compounds. The defendant also explored obtaining sulfuric acid. The defendant agrees that the government would prove at trial that sulfuric acid is a well known binary agent which is used in a hydrogen cyanide binary device to create cyanide gas, and that this is the method taught by al Qaeda for manufacturing cyanide gas. The defendant further agrees that the government would prove at trial that his research into various cyanide compounds is consistent with the type of research conducted by persons trained in camps teaching advanced poisons courses to terrorist organizations, including al Qaeda. The defendant also agrees that the government would prove at trial that an almanac recovered in the defendant’s residence was bookmarked at pages showing dams, waterways and tunnels in the United States, which is also consistent with al Qaeda attack planning regarding the use of cyanide gases.

What kind of president and AG release a terrorist like this? If true, this is a very dangerous and amoral policy. It’s another example of our lawless president doing whatever he wants.

Of the 500 prisoners convicted under the Obama regime, only 300 are still being held. Where are the rest?

According to Human Rights First, the U.S. federal criminal courts have “convicted nearly 500 individuals on terrorism-related charges” since Sept. 11, 2001, yet there are only “over 300 individuals” in federal prisons on terrorism-related convictions.

Read the complete Al-Marri story at The Daily Beast


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