9/11 Victim’s Sister Incredulously Ties His Death to Gun Violence


In the midst of very emotional 9/11 ceremonies on Wednesday, the sister of one victim, Christopher Samuel Epps, made an outrageously inaccurate statement. Our sympathy goes out to her after losing her obviously beloved brother but she tied her brother’s death to gun violence. She appears to sincerely believe more gun control will give us a world of peace.

Mr. Epps sister basically blamed his death by radical Islamic terrorists — who used planes, not guns — on gun violence. She was loosely tying violence and peace into an illogical metaphor between radical Islamic terrorism and guns.

After 18 years, no matter the pain, she shouldn’t be mischaracterizing a terrible day that should live in infamy for what it is.

Go to 01:44 to hear the victim’s sister:

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