900 NYC prisoners get early release, others get Mets tickets


The New York Post reported, “Gov. Cuomo on Monday claimed he didn’t know about the dumb-and-dumber plan to release jailed inmates early under his new bail-reform law and then give them freebies to entice them back to court.”

Cuomo appoints the head of the Office of Court Administration and his office partially funds it, but, just the same, Cuomo’s staff claim he didn’t know about the planned early release of 900 criminals in advance of the law.

“We have no knowledge of either OCA or the city’s plan regarding early releases in their local jail system,’’ Cuomo spokesman Jason Conwall told The Post.

“The legislature passed, and the governor signed, landmark criminal-justice reforms last year, and we expect them to be implemented appropriately and effectively,” he said.


The article added that Conwall refused to say whether Cuomo backed the early releases — or Mayor de Blasio’s plan to entice freed suspects to return to court by offering New York Mets tickets and other goodies.

“Meanwhile, de Blasio is taking things a step further with the freed accused criminals by offering them Mets and movie tickets and gift cards as an incentive to return to court for hearings,” sources told The Post.

You heard that correctly! De Blasio’s going to bribe criminals to show up for court dates.

Next year, many, many more criminals will be set free when the law goes into effect. The plan is to shut down the 10,000 bed Rikers and replace it with three prisons equipped with a total of 3300 beds. New York City will have a third of the beds Rikers holds. The remainder of the prisoners will be freed or put in rehab or who knows what.

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