9/11, What a Difference a Day Makes


Eagle with Obama flag


We can all remember where we were on the fateful day on 9-11-2001 when we heard that an airplane crashed into the World Trade Center. Four Plane crashes later, over 3000 people were dead and Americans were shocked to learn we were the victims of a well laid out terrorist attack by radical Islamists, who even went as far as to learn how to fly airliners right here in America.

Years of keeping our enemies at bay, and now the enemy has found a way to attack us from within.

The first thing Americans did was to dust off their American flags and fly them wide and high across America. It was a time to stand united and fly our colors proudly. The terrorists may have blindsided us with a sucker punch but we would not go down that easily.

Through the horror, I found comfort in the patriotism that was everywhere you looked.

President Bush, with pure emotion in his voice, proclaimed to the World that you are either with us or against us.  This nation responded with American Flags flying higher, the Star Spangled Banner sung louder and God Bless America was this nation’s rally cry.

The terrorists may have taken down the Twin Towers and murdered 3000 people, but they could not kill the American Spirit.  We survived.

Eleven years later to the day, on 9 – 11 – 2012, Americans were once again under a terror attack. This time it was it was in Libya at our Embassy in Benghazi; which left 4 Americans dead, including a US Ambassador and two US Navy Seals.

President Obama’s reaction was not one of outrage but an apologetic one.  He actually apologized to our enemies and in fact, the four dead Americans were referred to as “bumps in the road”.   To Obama, they were nothing more than an “inconvenience” to him on his way to his re-election.  No sitting President has ever apologized to the enemy for Americans being killed!  Talk about a new low for our nation.

What a stark contrast between the Patriotic Bush and the Anti-American Obama. I know that I must be a “racist” to say anything disparaging against Obama. Bush was bashed to the ground but if anyone so much as comments that they don’t like the color of Obama’s tie, they are labeled a racist.

I am a real American and everything that Obama does is against our founding principals hence the reason why I always refer to him as the Anti-American.  It has nothing to do with the color of his skin but the Content of his Character (or lack of).

Twelve years after the terror attacks on the Twin Towers, the United States of America went from a nation of Patriotism to a nation of Racism, where Americans are pitted against one another because of the color of their skin.  How did we go from God Bless America to God Damn America in 12 short years?

A leader really does make a difference.

We went from President Bush defending our nation with his fevered speech of “We Will Never Forget” to President Obama apologizing to our enemies after they attacked us!

America represents Freedom and Individualism and we should never apologize for being the most civilized nation on the planet.  Ever.

If you are a real American, like myself, than I say God Bless you.  If you are an Anti-American, who hates everything good about America, than I say move to Cuba or Pakistan.  Because there is only one America and once She is gone, there will never be another place to run away from Tyranny and Oppression.

On 9/11/2001, many people ran into the Towers to try and save others.  The risks were great but they did it anyway.   Unlike Obama, who on 9/11/2012 ignored the cries for help from the four Americans he left to die in Benghazi.  He didn’t even lift a finger to make an attempt to save them.   He did absolutely nothing.

9/11/2001 is a day to remember the Heroes who ran into the burning towers to save others and 9/11/2012 is the day to never forget that Obama and Hillary Clinton are no heroes.

Never forget.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton watched people die or slept through it.




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