93 Percent Of French Muslims Voted For Hollande


Muslim support for the new President of France was between 85% to 93%. Two million Muslims participated in the election. 70% of atheists went for Hollande. 79% of practicing Catholics went for Sarkozy. [Business Insider] Muslims and Atheists are voting for Socialists and were a deciding factor in this election.

Jay-Z and Kanye West hammered out an offensive song together that was used as a political campaign song by Hollande to celebrate the Muslim presence. It was well-received.

The video is very disturbing. How two U.S. citizens could make a video like this and how it could be well-received is hard for me to fathom.

In the video, Hollande appears with West and Jay-Z. Hollande strides like a rock star among his minority supporters in Creil. West raps “Got my niggas in Paris, and they going gorillas,” while Hollande is leading discussions between voters of all races and ages as crowds smile exuberantly when he approaches.

Supporters raise their voter cards to the camera. A man shouts, “To hell with Sarko!” [Sarkozy]. A black woman holds the French flag and exclaims, “François, president! Inshallah, Inshallah!” — Arabic for “God willing.”

Watch for yourself –

CNN commented on it –

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s recent hit “Niggas in Paris” is about them. They rap about being so phenomenally rich, about how they “ball so hard,” buy Rolexes and cars, pop gold bottles with models in Paris nightclubs, that the rest of us slobs couldn’t fathom their lives.

It may seem like an odd choice for a campaign song for a politician trying to appeal to oppressed racial and ethnic minorities.

But it’s apparently working for — or at least not hurting — Francois Hollande…

Hollande isn’t “cool” at all, but being a true socialist, he is good at pretending to be what he is not. The vulgarity doesn’t seem to bother him in the least as he sheds dignity to attract whatever votes he can.

Townhall and a number of other sites posted the following account, allegedly from a French blogger who writes under a pseudonym because his life has been threatened.

Hello to my American friends,

As you know, the Socialist François Hollande won the presidential elections in France, last Sunday. It is a catastrophe for France.
Hollande was elected by the Muslims:
A survey (of 10,000 Muslims) shows that 93% of the Muslims voted for him.
As 2 million Muslims participated in this election, Hollande got 1,720,000 Muslim votes more than Sarkozy did: (0.93-0.07) x 2,000,000 = 1,720,000. But at the end, from the entire population, he got only 1,139,316 votes more than Sarkozy. So, without the Muslims’ votes, Sarkozy would have been re-elected.
All the Muslim criminals feel now empowered. Criminality is already on the rise (1,700 cars were burnt in France for the first night). Muslims are screaming anti-French and anti-Jews watchwords in our streets.
Veiled women, wearing the illegal burqa, are strolling in our streets.
And, as if this wasn’t enough, Hollande wants to give to all the foreigners the right to vote in our elections!!
France will face a very hard situation. We are heading for civil war in a few years.
That’s the last news from occupied France.

Maxime Lépante

Maxime Lépante may or may not be accurate in his reporting. Unless you actually live in France, it is difficult to know.

During the campaign, Sarkozy accused Hollande of promising blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants but this was debunked by Time and CNN.

Hollande said he would give residency to illegal immigrants on a case-by-case basis. [Politico] That would give me pause.

The Gatestone Institute stated that Hollande has pledged to change French law to allow Muslim residents without citizenship to vote in municipal elections by 2014. That is one way to increase the Socialist voting block.

Reports of violence by minority populations in countries like France are sanitized or go unreported and it is hard to know if the car burning and anti-French and anti-semitic rants did occur. However, the incidents of this type would be nothing new (Paris riots occurred in 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2011). The Islamic populations in France are not trending towards assimilation.

The following photo and caption below is from by Townhall contributor, Bob Beauprez –

Election Night Celebration

“This photo was taken at La Bastille Plaza in Paris, during the election celebration for the comrade socialist president Hollande.  See any French flags? Anywhere? Actually, there is ONE towards the bottom right.  The other flags are in order of appurtenance, Palestinian (2 flags top right+1 center left), Algerian, Turkish (towards center), Syrian (towards left of pic + below Palestinian flag), Moroccan (w. star in center), and European Union flag. The other flags I can’t recognize, there are also Syndicates or Unions’ flags.  That’s France in a nutshell.”




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