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99.7% of Adults in Waterford, Ireland, Are Vaccinated as COV Surges


Waterford, once the champion of Ireland’s vaccination program, currently has the highest rate of infection in the country.

Waterford, Ireland proudly boasts of the fact that 99.7 percent of all adults are “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus from China. Unfortunately, it’s not protecting them as they face a huge outbreak of the disease.

This latest surge in new “cases” of the Chinese Wuhan virus is igniting fears that Ireland might be on the verge of going through a fifth “wave” of the disease. This is despite the obedient people obeying the government’s demand to get the shot.

In the last week, Waterford has seen 408 new cases of the Wuhan virus. Over the past two weeks, Waterford has seen 719 new cases.

“County Waterford has the highest adult vaccination rates in Ireland at 99%+,” tweeted someone familiar with the new data. “Followed by County Carlow in second place at 98%+.”

“County Waterford also has the highest Covid incidence rates in Ireland, followed by County Carlow in second place,” said one Twitter user. “What is going on?”

This is what is going on in Vermont. Despite nearly 90 percent of the state now being “fully vaccinated,” Chinese Wuhan Virus hospitalizations are soaring.

What is going on is the vaccine isn’t working as hoped.

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1 year ago

Ireland should be wide open for resettlement in two years. Real estate will be dirt cheap. ….. Did someone say ‘luck of the Irish’?

1 year ago

We need quick justice. If only someone could set up a website posting the pictures/names of all of these tyrants (governors, county commissioners, school board superintendents) along
with a synopsis of their tyrannical actions. Seems it could be done free of any risks of defamation accusations, simply stating the facts (for example, commissioner Smith voted to force employees to vaccinate with a drug still in experimental stages or lose employment). This would haunt these people for the rest of their lives…legally. Possibly deter these kinds of acts…

Geoffrey Britain
1 year ago

“What is going on is the vaccine isn’t working as hoped.”

NO. What is going on is NOT just that the vaccine isn’t working. If that were so, the vaccinated rate of infection would be the same as the unvaccinated. The vaccine is making the vaccinated more susceptible to infection.

1 year ago

Delta = the jab ….not covid, they are getting adverse reactions to the jab ….lie, after lie, after lie

1 year ago

The below is a BIG REASON why only the fully vaccinated are dying in record numbers .

The jab’s destroy your immune system over time .

Anyone over 30 will have lost 100% of their full immune capacity (for viruses and certain cancers) within 6 months.

Official government reports show that the fully vaccinated lose their immune system over time
People between the ages of 40 and 69 have already lost 40% of their immune system capacity and are gradually losing it at a rate of 3.3% to 6.4% per week.



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