A Bad Week for Andrew, The Mighty Cuomo Has Struck Out


With apologies to Ernest Lawrence Thayer.

This past Monday, Governor Cuomo, given the recent implementation of his far-left policies, was likely expecting a very hittable, batting practice fastball, from deep blue New York’s own Siena poll.   Instead, as Andrew  “stood there a-watching in haughty grandeur there”, he got a wicked curve; the umpire’s call “Strike one!”, cut clearly through the air.

The following day, Cuomo had a meeting with President Trump.  The governor’s goal was to convince  Donald to raise the $10,000 deduct-ability cap on state and local taxes.  But,  Andrew received a lecture on a need for lowering taxes, the importance of fracking, and the evils of late-term abortion.  “….And the umpire said, “Strike two!”.

On Thursday our bedeviled progressive received even more bad news.  Members of Andy’s own party succeeded in undermining his much-ballyhooed deal of bringing Amazon into Long Island City.  The promised 25,000 jobs along with trillions of dollars in investment and tax revenues were gone faster than Prince Andrew could say “AOC”.    

“Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;

The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,

And somewhere men are laughing, and little children shout;”

But there is no joy in NYC, the mighty Cuomo has struck out.  



  1. Andrew Cuomo is a disgusting example of the human race. I can no longer listen to his droning, boring diatribes. His stance on abortion up to the day of birth is medieval and murderous. He views himself as a savior when he is actually a self centered slug, the lowest form of life. President Trump was generous to allow him an audience at all. He deserves to lose the Amazon deal because it is leftist anti-capitalistic thinking in his own political party that made it happen. His political future is now limited, as it should be. Good riddance, Andrew!!!

    • As usual, Mr. August has EXACTLY hit the nail on the head… in this case, the one belonging to King Andrew-Herod the Baby Killer. However, I wonder… has Cardinal Dolan sent him his invitation to this years Al Smith Dinner yet… or is he too busy issuing excuses for lacking the GUTS to EXCOMMUNICATE HIM????

  2. This is a rich spoiled brat with an incredible ego that nothing can satisfy. He pursues power and worship as substitutes for happiness. He stubbornly pursues leftist and crazy policies in his pursuit, not because he believes in anything, only for himself.

  3. I fell off my chair laughing hard at this fool and fellow fools in NY, they got beat upo by a little no knowthing dumb as rocks socialist and then he goes crawling and whinning to the President who gives him hell, another great and fun week for us to enjoy. Moie popcorn please.

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