A Chicken In Every Pot, Obamaphones for Every Crook


The free Obamaphone program is rife with fraud. The entire program is a freebie for almost anyone who wants it and it’s part of the Democrats’ get out the vote effort. Obamanet will also be fraudulent and they want you the taxpayer in the dark.

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FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai says the commission was told to keep quiet about the massive Obamaphone fraud until the free Broadband to low-income Democrats went through.

The Federal Communications Commission on Friday announced that it would seek $51 million in damages from a cellphone company that allegedly defrauded the federal Lifeline program of nearly $10 million.

We’ve known the program was massively fraudulent for years.

You can even get one if you’re dead. In mid-March 2013,  the Federal Communication Commission revealed that 41% of those receiving free mobile phones didn’t meet the requirements — some because they’re dead.


It has gotten worse since then but even at 41% of the $2 billion the program costs without the upcoming free Obamanet, we have a completely dysfunctional program that would go bankrupt if the government didn’t have their hands in the taxpayer ATM without one shred of accountability attached.

This program should only be for landlines and it needs to be closely monitored but a clumsy big government can’t handle that.

The commission’s five members unanimously backed the Notice of Apparent Liability (NAL), but Republican commissioner Ajit Pai parted from his colleagues in a partial dissent. According to Pai, he and other commissioners were told not to reveal the details of its investigation until April 1, a day after the FCC voted to expand the Lifeline program which will give free Broadband to every who claims they are poor.

“Commissioners were told that the Notice of Apparent Liability could not be released or publicly discussed until April 1, 2016, conveniently one day after the Commission was scheduled to expand the Lifeline program to broadband,” Pai wrote. “That’s not right.”

Illegal immigrants can get free phones and Broadband on our dime. Coming to America now means “getting free citizenship, free health care, welfare benefits, Obamaphones and Obamanet.” That comes with our open invitation.

Who will pay for all these phones, free Internet and for massive fraud from an inefficient big government? The working stiffs will pay with higher taxes. It’s clearly another hit on the middle class.

Back in March of 2015, FCC commissioner, Ajit Pai, one of four Republican commissioners on the Democrat-controlled FCC, said the Internet bill is going to go up as the government exercises more and more control over it due to net neutrality. It is now a public utility. Net Neutrality, sold under false pretenses, was always a plan to control the Internet and how it’s paid for.

It didn’t take long for the government thieves to concoct their first plan to redistribute from the average American to give to the entitled. The Internet is being described in Marxist terms as a need – a right – for those who allegedly can’t pay for it themselves. No one minds giving to the poor but that is not what this is.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, an Obama minion, planned to subsidize those who aren’t working as soon as net neutrality passed.

The lifeline program under which all these freebies are being given takes in 12 million homes and costs a whopping $2 billion which we pay for with hidden taxes called surcharges on our telephone bills.

Lifeline has no restrictions, no expiration dates, and no one is expected to look for a job. Leftists like to say it’s paid for with donations but it’s paid for indirectly with tax dollars via the USF,

The FCC has its own little piggy bank. It’s called The Universal Service Fund (USF) of subsidies and fees managed by the FCC to promote universal access to telecommunications services in the United States. Last year, it was more than 16% of our telecommunications bills.

In other words, taxpayers pay for coverage but not via federal income taxes. Instead, the Act “mandated the creation of the universal service fund (USF) into which all telecommunications providers are required to contribute a percentage of their interstate and international end-user telecommunications revenues.” So that little fee on your phone bill labeled USF? That’s what you’re paying for.

Lifeline expenditures have more than doubled since Obama took office.

There are only 3% of Americans who don’t use the Internet because of the cost according to Pew Research but now that it will be a freebie, expect a whole lot more fraud.

Americans don’t want this. According to a Pew Research study, by a 53%-41% margin, Americans say they do not believe that the spread of affordable broadband should be a major government priority. Contrary to what some might suspect, non-internet users are less likely than current users to say the government should place a high priority on the spread of high-speed connections.

There is no item so small or too big that it can’t be taxed and regulated by the Marxists.

This is from 2013:

The face of freebies and Obamaphones.

Read more at Free Beacon

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Lorraine Chauvin
Lorraine Chauvin
6 years ago

But apparently my 88 year old Mother who has NEVER accepted government assistance, even though she qualifies, cannot get one because, according to Safelink, she doesn’t exist because she’s not in the system.