A Dem Hero For Using Vulgar Gestures, Julie Briskman Runs for Office


Juli Briskman

The cyclist who flipped off the President’s motorcade in early November 2017, Juli Briskman, is running for office in Democrat-controlled Northern Virginia. Her qualifications for the job are she’s a poor role model, disrespectful, vulgar, she hates President Trump and all he stands for.

Juli Briskman tells The Washington Post this week that she’ll file paperwork to challenge Suzanne M. Volpe, a Republican who represents the Algonkian District on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in 2019. Briskman says she will run on increasing transparency in local government, among other things.

Democrats see her flipping off the President as such a positive, they are pushing her candidacy.

That is who the Democrats are now.


The vulgar 51-year old Briskman told her bosses what happened after the photo went viral. They then asked her to leave her government contracting job or face termination. She sued and won her severance claim. But her wrongful-termination lawsuit was dismissed.

She said that she didn’t expect to be fired. That is surprising since she’s a ‘social media professional’ who was working for a government contractor.

This mother of two was happy she kept flipping off the President of the United States, setting a not-so-nice role model for those kids!

“I’m glad it happened. Worth it,” she said at the time, setting an even more prominent model for her children to follow.

She is a Democrat hero for flipping off the President of the United States over and over and then bragging about it.


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