A Democrat in Libertarian Clothing


by R.J. Green

Michael McDermott, the so-called “Libertarian” candidate for governor of New York, tipped his left-leaning hand on Wednesday night in the NYS gubernatorial candidate debate by supporting Governor Andrew Cuomo and his policies throughout the entire event. Is this man a Libertarian or is he actually a Democrat parading as one?

McDermott’s pro-Cuomo commentary began immediately, as he made his opening statement. Using a large chunk of his allotted 60-seconds to just thank to Cuomo for his attendance at the debate, it became immediately clear that McDermott was going to pander to the Governor at every available opportunity.

Go to 03:23: Gov. Debate, McDermott says he wouldn’t have been at the debate if it weren’t for Gov. Cuomo

McDermott went on to say that Governor Cuomo “didn’t mean it” when he said that New York State is no place for Conservatives.

Go to 02:31: Sticks Up For Cuomo

How would he know Cuomo’s intent when he made that statement? Why would he defend the Governor’s attack on people who are in alignment with a large portion of the Libertarian platform?

Cuomo’s statement can be heard on this video:

At the same time, he defended Cuomo’s stance on abortion to the pro-life community. McDermott says that Cuomo is a “practicing Catholic, [so?] you know what his stance is on abortion…” implying that the Governor is pro-life, despite Cuomo’s hard push to pass the Women’s Equality Act, which would legalize abortions straight through the ninth month and allow non-medical personnel to perform them.

On the issues where he had an answer [and for many issues he did not], McDermott departed from Libertarian ideals and sided with Cuomo. For example, he opposes hydrofracking and charter schools. He is in full favor of public schools, saying charter schools take away “the people’s control” over education. He is saying that government schools put control in the hands of the people. This hardly sounds like a Libertarian defending public policy driven by the free market. In fact, McDermott’s performance at the debate sounded more like a Cuomo supporter on the campaign trail than a Libertarian running for office.

This raises some questions. Was McDermott trying to help himself get elected or was he working in concert with Cuomo?

Perhaps the most telling moment came at the very end of the debate, when McDermott and Cuomo gave each other a “thumbs-up” handshake,” suggesting that they colluded prior to the debate, working together to double-team Rob Astorino, the   Republican/Conservative/StopCommonCore candidate.

Go to 4:40: The Thumbs Up

So the question remains, who is McDermott really working for? Is he really trying to get 50,000 votes just to get permanent ballot access for his party? If he is, he alienated his Libertarian base by aligning with a governor who has no interest in hearing what the people want. Or is he just a Democrat in Libertarian clothing trying to help the Governor get re-elected?


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