A Deserter Glorified, A Possible Cover Up in the Making


There is great secrecy surrounding Bowe Bergdahl’s medical treatment since he has been placed in a hospital in Germany. The “transparent” Obama administration could be setting us up for a complete exoneration of Bowe Bergdahl’s actions prior to his “capture”, which occurred while he was looking for the Taliban, seemingly to join them.

Robert Bergdahl

In the following clip from his June 1st press conference, Robert Bergdahl, father of Bowe, says that the people surrounding him now in Germany were sent by them and they were “hand picked”. He told Bowe to “listen to their instructions.” What does he mean by “instructions” exactly?

The people who “hand picked” them must include the government, which has kept all information about Bergdahl’s treatment a secret.

Are we being set up and are they tampering with the witness to provide cover for Mr. Obama?

On the 5th, Salon magazine posted a fallacious summary of the exchange and in it, they claimed Bergdahl was a “troubled young man.” They described soldiers who fought bravely and came forward to say Bergdahl was a deserter as bitter and angry.

On the 7th, the NY Times published a piece which stated that his physical health was fine – he wasn’t dying after all. [The White House adjusted that 5 days in and said the Taliban threatened to kill him, an unlikely scenario since he was a valuable “bird.”].

The Times emphasized the mental issues. They said: “He’s said that they kept him in a shark cage in total darkness for weeks, possibly months,” said one American official.

“Mentally, he has a long road to recovery,” the Times author wrote.

Any criticism of Bowe Bergdahl and his family is being treated very harshly in the press and being blamed on right-wingers. Liberal media, even in the UK, are coming to the president’s rescue on this. The Guardian posted a piece this morning that was extremely supportive of Bowe Bergdahl and dismissive of the soldiers who resent a deserter and possible collaborator being treated as a hero by Mr. Obama and Mrs. Rice.

As an unacknowledged deserter, their son is eligible for $200,000 in back pay. What message does this send to our military? What about the victims of Ft. Hood who can’t even get a Purple Heart while the shooter had collected over $300,000 in back pay before his conviction? This administration cares nothing for ethics and everything for political gain.

There is reason to feel tremendous sympathy for Bowe Bergdahl’s parents but their views are not mainstream.

His parents are grateful to him for all he was willing to do for the Afgahn people – he deserted!

Mr. Bergdahl is a parent who loves his son and his proud of him. However, he is a father who has shown sympathy for the Taliban and he is proud of Bowe’s desire to help the Afghan people. Addressing his son, he said he was proud of “what you were willing to do to go to that length.” Bowe Bergdahl deserted and people died looking for him, but this is a loving father who has been traumatized. He shouldn’t be demonized but his words must be taken as the words of a father who has been through hell.

His statement during a press conference on June 1st:

No one wants to see Bowe Bergdahl in the hands of the Taliban and no question he has suffered. However, he put himself in that position. He was traded for five war criminals and terrorists, one of whom is ready to go back to the battlefield to kill our soldiers. The other four will most likely go back.

In the end, Bowe Bergdahl doesn’t matter in this discussion. What matters is the release of dangerous Taliban prisoners who will put Americans in danger. What matters is the 78 others Mr. Obama is about to release. That is what we need to talk about.



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