A Few Heroes During the NFL’s unAmerican Anthem Protests


The entire NFL Sunday saw protests during the singing of the national anthem, sending a message to America – they hate you and America.

Not everyone agrees and at least there were a few heroes who bravely stood up for America.

One was former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva who served two tours in Afghanistan. He came out of the dugout to stand with hand on heart for the national anthem while the rest of the Steelers cowered in the locker room.

The second hero today was a Democrat.

Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin, a Democrat, said on Sunday that professional athletes who protest ‘oppression’ can “do free speech on their own time.”

“It’s not about free speech,” Mnuchin said during an appearance on “This Week” on ABC News. “They can do free speech on their own time. That this is about respect for the military, and the first responders, and the country.”

The left is absolutely rabid over his comments because they suddenly believe in free speech. That would be the same left who don’t want the right to have any free speech at any time and who describe the First Amendment as a “work in progress”.

The third group of heroes today were the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones.

As Newt Gingrich said on Fox News this morning about the NFL players who knelt during the game overseas this morning, he feels “very sad that people like Roger Goodell are going to preside over the decay of American institutions rather than take on young players who…are multi-millionaires and are among the most privileged people in America.”

The country has gone so far left that conservatives are the ones defending the very nature of America while the elite refuse to take on the hard-left who are directing this.

Colin Kaepernick started it and he is no hero. He hates America and he led this movement under the influence of his radical Islamic girlfriend.

Kaepernick’s anti-police pig in police hat socks
Kaepernick in his unAmerican Castro and other communists t-shirt
Oppressed Kaepernick

It is obvious to all, but the useful idiots and the elite, that the crazy, violent leftists behind this are also behind: tearing down our historical statues; moving art work out of museums; destroying Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Independence Day and other holidays that represent traditional America; eliminating the Star Spangled Banner;  politicizing every aspect of life; embedding Marxist principles like political correctness, equity and identity politics, into the fabric of our society; re-writing history texts and the Democrat history of KKK, Jim Crow and slavery. They are the people acting as if slavery happened last week and only in the United States.

Some people have courage and still care about America but not very many.

It is amazing how many people just go along with the general thinking no matter how wrong it is. This is how World War II Germany happened. Despite the fact that the anthem protests by millionaire players is disrespectful of our flag, our military and our country, the movement has grown and the players insist it’s in opposition to the racial oppression in the USA.



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