A Genocide Ignored


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If you only watch mainstream media, you would never know that there is a genocide of Christians throughout the Middle East. Understand that the objective of the Muslims is to establish a Caliphate and to continue to perform atrocities against the Christians whose ancestors trace back thousands of years.

There is a war on Christians that will not be discussed by anyone in this administration. Could it be that the sympathizers in this regime will allow the Islamic State, Boko Haram, and others to complete this destruction?

Perhaps it is the Muslim Brotherhood who has the ear of the President or perhaps it’s his advisers. They are the people who still tell us that Islam is a peaceful religion, something that we have heard since the days of Bush.

Our State Department and Obama himself have allowed our government to be overtaken by the political correctness of Islam, going so far as allowing Sharia Law and putting prayer rooms in airports. There is a serious dichotomy when a Christian is required to bake a cake for a gay marriage, but look the other way at genital mutilation and honor killings.

In the light of the atrocities, what does Obama do? He demeans and demonizes Christians, telling them not to get on their high horse because they have committed atrocities as well. He mentioned the Crusades, a time when Christians aligned together to push back the first Islamic push to take over Europe. How long ago was that? And Christians should pay for it now?

And because of the Crusades, we are now forced to act against our religious tenets. As a country we must allow the wholesale immigration of those who are opposed to our way of life and move them all over the country at taxpayer expense, give them housing, healthcare, voting rights, everything but the key to the city.

And what of the Christians? Why are Christians singled out for persecution?

There are 27 Christians fleeing from Christian persecution in the Middle East, 20 of whom have family members in this country willing to take them in who are being held at the Otay Detention Center in California. They have proven they were fleeing ISIS but our State Department has ruled they will find no refuge here with the families they have and with no explanation on why they should not be released like this administration has done with so many others.

The obvious explanation is that they are Chaldean Christians and this administration has shown a willful disregard for anything Christian.

But what can we expect? This is the same administration that saw 21 Coptic Christians beheaded, called them “Egyptian migrant workers” and ignored the fact that they were Christians.

If persecution by militant terrorists does not qualify as a reason for asylum, what other grounds can be used? It appears under Obama, that only Muslims need apply.

The State Department has turned its vision away from the Christian women being abducted, the separation of families, the summary executions of the infirm and the old.

Obama’s administration has turned away from the sex slavery of Christians, and neither Obama nor the UN under the administration of Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, will address the situation and call it what it is – genocide.

There were almost 2 million Christians in Iraq which is now on the edge of extinction.

This is a serious abandonment of a complete society both by the administration and by the western Christians. The only reason for this is the State Department has declared that Islam is a religion of peace and nothing must be allowed that gives lie to that talking point.

From Iraq to Nigeria, the Christians are being decimated. There was a delegation sent to Washington DC to advocate for a Christian immigration program and the one Christian who was delegated to go, Sister Diana, an Iraqi Christian leader was refused a visa, even though she was here on a visa in 2012.

It is time to realize that this country under this administration will never do anything to assist the Christians in the Middle East, but will always find excuses and apologies for any affront to Muslim terrorists.

The former congressman from Virginia, Frank Wolf, is calling for the U.S. administration and the United Nations to formally label what is happening to Christians in the Middle East as genocide.

Showing where ISIS has kidnapped and forcibly taken the children of Christians and Yezidis to intimidate them and to force them to become the next generation of terrorists, it shouldn’t be difficult to describe this as genocide. And yet our administration turns a blind eye to this, to all the horror and what is described as the torture and total displacement of an entire population whose ancestry traces back thousands of years.

Mr. President, you can’t blame this on the Crusades. There will need to be answers on why this is being ignored, why people are dying while you golf, and just what are the plans you have to put an end to this. It is too late to just go on doing as little as possible, and hope the next President can take care of it.

by John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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