A Grandfather’s Letter to His Liberal Granddaughter



Dear Chelsea:

Your Father has kept me apprised of your efforts and hard work in Spokane for the Obama Campaign. As your Grandfather I am both proud and pleased that you have taken an interest in the affairs of our country. Few young people and many adults do not. However, as an American Patriot I can only hope that your efforts do not bear fruit.

As one who has always voted but has never formally been associated with a “Party”, I became concerned over the direction that our Country has taken over last few years.

Even under President Bush, I saw that borrowing was beginning to become a way our Federal Government choose to pay for the various programs it launched. Congress appeared to have no self-restraint on how it spends our money. The Senate refuses to submit a yearly budget, even through they are directed by the Constitution to do so.

While not pleased with President Obama’s election; due to his dubious associates and his relative inexperience in any task other then a being a community organizer I took a wait and watch stance. I soon watched as he transformed the traditional Democratic Party into the mold of Socialist parties found prevalent in Europe.

I don’t know about Washington State, but in New York we have a State Department of Education, a County Department of Education and each of the 126 School Districts on Long Island have their own Board’s of Education, and N.Y. State has its own Environmental Department. I thought, is it really necessary to have these same functions duplicated at every level of Government? I began to realize more and more, that powers that where assigned to the States by the Constitution are being taken over by the Federal Government.

If that was not enough, under President Obama, we are finding our country more and more being tried to be placed under the jurisdiction of a Global Order (through the U.N.). I don’t know about you, but I do not wish to be under the thumb of people who openly despise us, our form of Government and our very way of life.

Throughout history there have come persons, who along with a group of elites feel that they know what is right for the People. Their well intentions have the effect of forcing their ideas on people who do not agree with them. When hampered in their efforts, they become frustrated and impatient with the duly elected representatives of the people and try to circumvent the system.

It is my belief that President Obama intends to “fundamentally change” our form of Government to one based on a single ‘all knowing’ Executive Branch of government that will eventually eliminate our system of “checks and balances”.

History has showen, to those who wish to observe, that a government that relies on a “central planning concept’ and “one size fits all” is doomed to fail. We have seen those failures in the USSR and China and are currently seeing results of these failed policies in Greece, Italy and Spain. For President Obama to move the Country to those policies will not be tolerated by a ‘Free People’.

Our Founders (flawed as they may have been), after much study and research choose a Republic as our form of Government. This system allows the people to rule themselves. Each and every one of the Founders knew that they had signed their own death warrants when they signed the Declaration of Independence.  They had seen how England had dealt with rebellions in Scotland and Ireland and were under no illusions as to what would happen to them if they failed. It should also be noted that conditions in the 13 American Colonies, for individuals, at the time of the Revolution were hard; but not intolerable as in France.

Unlike the later revolution to come to France, borne of frightful and intolerable conditions imposed on the people by a unjust tyrant, our Revolution was one that was based on the belief of the individual rights of man and that “We the People” should have sole say as to how we are governed.

Unfortunately, not everyone at the time enjoyed those rights, but what a beautiful document the Constitution is. The founders allowed for adjustment and modification of our Constitution (Amendments) to meet the growing changes that they knew would come. Just people even went to war with their brothers in order to right injustices that were being imposed on some in our society.

They knew that the nature of man is to acquire power, and to prevent that they carefully laid out the Constitution to restrain the Federal Government from assuming powers that rightfully belong to the People who live in the States of their choice.

Although they tried to anticipate every threat to this new and unique form of Government they realized that it would be up to the People themselves to preserve it. They also knew that like locks on doors, that only prevent honest people from entering, the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution would only be as good as the people who take the oath to uphold it.

When those in power abuse this oath it is up to the People to alter the government, It is for this very reason I have decided to oppose the President from being re-elected and am working with my “Fellow Patriots” to prevent him from “fundamentally changing” our Republic

It is not for myself I do these things, but my seven Grandchildren who I wish to flourish and live well in a free Country, as I have done all these 75 years.

Your loving,


P.S. I am attaching a paragraph from a web site that briefly describes Germany’s Weimar Republic, and what happened when their Constitution was ignored. Few students are taught about this disaster and the fate that befell Germany.

Following World War I, the Weimar republic emerged from the German Revolution in November 1918. In 1919, a national assembly convened in Weimar, where a new constitution for the German Reich was written, then adopted on 11 August of that same year. The ensuing period of liberal democracy lapsed in the early 1930s, leading to the ascent of the nascent Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler in 1933. The legal measures taken by the Nazi government in February and March 1933, commonly known as Gleichschaltung (“coordination”) meant that the government could legislate contrary to the constitution. The republic nominally continued to exist until 1945, as the constitution was never formally repealed. However, the measures taken by the Nazis in the early part of their rule rendered the constitution irrelevant. Thus, 1933 is usually seen as the end of the Weimar Republic and the beginning of Hitler’s Third Reich.


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