A House Divided – America’s Tribal Rivalries


by Gary Spina

“Oh, Lord, what fools these mortals be…” So wrote Shakespeare over 400 years ago.

Today’s multiculturalism has brought our world back to an ancient time of tribal warfare — a hostile landscape of our own making.

In a mindless rush toward the acceptance and celebration of all cultures, the global community of man has embraced the concept of multiple, distinct enclaves within the borders of once homogenous nations.

Petty tyrants, demagogues, and academics stoke the fires of shame and distrust in countries that once prospered in the peaceful assimilation of all citizens.

There is a natural territorial prerogative and a territorial imperative embraced by every creature in the natural world – from primates, to birds, to fish in the sea. Territory is fought for and died for.

Our American territory used to be one nation under God. But now, instead of rejoicing in our national identity, in our assimilation and our unity, we have drawn new boundaries around new sub-classes of our population – stubbornly proud of our hyphenated differences, angrily resentful of earlier wrongs. We have regressed into an ancient world of tribal distinctions, suspicions, and prejudices.

It is no longer enough to merely accept diversity. Instead our leaders require us to embrace and celebrate all human conduct and all ways of life – the good, the evil, the deviant, the ignorant, the self-serving, the self-destructive, and the absurd.

Political correctness and multiculturalism drive our modern world. All doctrines, religions, and traditions enjoy moral equivalence even in the textbooks our children read in school. We tolerate the intolerable as we defend the proliferation of stone-age aberrations and horrors.

Militant Diversity is our new god.

Watch fires burn and the beat goes on as shadows in the darkness gather around primordial tribal drums. Atavisms walking with their knuckles on the ground fan the embers of old rivalries which result in race riots and wars — in the execution of police officers here at home and the scourge of terrorism world-wide.

But a tribal world is exactly the state of affairs to which many of our leaders have pinned their lust for wealth and power.

Last week, stories of the terrorist attacks in Paris, France consumed the television news while political pundits across the world came “on air” and tried to make sense of the senseless.

During that outrage abroad, Barrack Obama invented a new tribe here at home – a new sub-class of needy Americans — as he spoke at a community college in Knoxville, Tennessee. There he proposed a universal “free” two-year community college education to “qualified” students in America.

Conjuring images of an abyss between the classes, Obama told the crowd that a college degree was “the surest ticket to the middle class.”

Loudly and shamelessly he beat the tribal drum — tribe against tribe, the haves against the have-nots, rich against poor, blacks against whites.

He made the promise of government controlled college curriculum sound like a good idea. The “candy” was the word “free,” meaning the poor and downtrodden tribe would benefit at the expense of the rich tribe of taxpayers whom he would force to pay for his plan.

The new tribe of college students in the audience cheered as they swayed to the drumbeat.

America is no longer an emerald island of united humanity in a world entrenched in hatred, fear, and suspicion.

Twenty-first Century America resembles the primitive tribes of Africa, Asia, and eastern Europe, the ancient City States along the Mediterranean shores, the Papal States of a divided Italy, or the feudal enclaves and kingdoms of western Europe.

For Dearborn, Michigan, and other American cities, the “No Go Zones” of modern Europe loom ominously on the horizon.

In her Fox News Network coverage of the terrorism in Paris, Martha MacCallum asked, “How did we get here?” She bemoaned the fact that we have no Winston Churchill today to give voice and focus to the madness, commenting that our president won’t even admit we are in a war with Islam.

Assuredly, men like Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt had their detractors during World War Two, but Churchill and FDR were leaders with vision and resolve. And most importantly, they united their people. In that regard, they were statesmen in the J. Rufus Fears definition of the word.

Today, even as they make grandiose speeches dangling the promise of unity before our eyes, our leaders manipulate and enflame the conflicted tribes among us – assuring themselves of at least one, two, maybe three solid voting blocks they can count on come Election Day. Once in office, they continue the drumbeat, taking comfort in their tried and true reliance on fooling “enough of the people enough of the time.”

(Click here: Enough of the People, Enough of The Time | www.independentsentinel.com )

Throughout history, all tribal warlords, kings, monarchs, emperors, and feudal lords succeeded in keeping the masses in poverty, want, and dependency. Rebelling, speaking, or thinking too boldly resulted in prison at hard labor, confiscation of wealth and property, indentured servitude, debtor’s prison, and various other ingenious punishments, including outright slavery.

Make no mistake, in a tribal world, only the chieftains come out winners.

I could end with another quote from Shakespeare: “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves…”

But more aptly, I offer the New Testament words of Jesus: “A house divided against itself is brought to desolation.”

house divided


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