A Letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions — Resign


To: Jeff Sessions, Attorney General

From: America

Dear Mr. Sessions,

You have some explaining to do.  As a self-proclaimed staunch, “Law and Order,” man, you are failing miserably but the quintessential question is, WHY?

Let me not default to flowery, hesitant speech here.  Thus far as a law and order man, as AG of this great nation, you suck.

First, during your confirmation hearings, you pretty much allowed the likes of Al Franken, Democrats, to portray you as a traitor to this country.  Woefully ill-prepared, you did not once indicate the many meetings every one of your accusers held with Russian representatives, either in passing or during the course of official business.  You just sat there and took the abuse allowing them to essentially accuse you of treason, as some sort of agent of Russia.

Instead, despite that President Trump, with great confidence, honored you with the position of AG, you demonstrated sheer cowardice then and continue to show a coward now.

As per Federal code, a special counsel is appointed when the DOJ is incapable of performing its job because of a conflict of interest regarding a criminal matter.  Sir, can you even name the crime committed warranting the appointment of Robert Mueller?  The answer to that is, unequivocally, NO.  Democrats and an assortment of GOP Swamp Creatures were disappointed, livid in fact, by the result of the 2016 elections.  They made wild, unsubstantiated accusations for which, “collusion,” itself appears nowhere in any criminal statute.  And yet, presented with dozens of actual crimes at the highest levels within the federal government, you fail to show up.

You are allowing an entire mockery to be made of both law enforcement and our justice system for a bad case of sour grapes.  But that’s not the worst part.

Worse still is what we now know.  At the very top of our intelligence operations, head figures in the FBI, CIA, NSA have, without any doubt, violated a long, long list of criminal statutes, committed multiple felonies and were/are conspiring to commit what can only be regarded as a coup within the most powerful, federal departments.

From Hillary Clinton’s illegal server which jeopardized national security, the Uranium One deal which enriched the Clintons by (at least) $145 million, to her blatant obstruction of justice, to Comey’s ridiculous exoneration before the woman (and more than a dozen witnesses) were ever deposed just days after Bill and Lynch conducted their secret tarmac meeting.  And do not forget the many, infuriating lies from Comey, Susan Rice, James Clapper and John Brennan … just to name a few.

Numerous well restrained and widely respected members of the House and Senate, after very careful and measured considerations of the facts at hand, have practically begged you to appoint a second, special counsel.  IN FACT, the Special Counsell statute is custom made for the EXACT situation now presenting itself and what is your decision?  You still refuse to make that appointment.  COWARDICE, SHEER COWARDICE.

Instead, the Attorney General appoints a federal AG from Utah directing him to investigate and report back to, his boss, an individual likely deeply involved in criminal activity.  So the federal government is investigating the federal government … do you see the insanity here Mr. Sessions?

What has transpired is the very sort of abuse of power we expect to see in the third world, “banana republics,” NOT in the United States of America.  In fact, AG Sessions, you are spectacularly responsible for demonstrating to the world, our Constitutional Republic is not much better than those banana republics.

Or is something more sinister at play here?  Is it your intent to drag this out until statutes of limitations pass? Do the treasonous, bad actors involved need more time to cover their filthy tracks?  Are you protecting the “good ole boys”  with whom you’ve been long associated?  Or do some of these high and mighty people have some incriminating information about you, Mr. Sessions, which keeps you from doing your job while betraying this president and the American people?  Is there a Jeff Sessions Dossier?

Thus far, Mr. Sessions, you’ve proving yourself to be a one-trick pony.  I would strongly suggest President Trump first, fire Rod Rosenstein who, along with Robert Mueller and James Comey, are up to their ears with conflicts of interests and malicious deeds in nearly every aspect of this entire three-ring circus.  Secondly, you should be removed as AG and reappointed as the Immigration Czar… the good news there would require no congressional hearings and yet another round of accusations of Jeff Sessions as a Russian spy.

As he is soon to be a free agent, We The People would not at all mind tapping Trey Gowdy on the should as the Attorney General.  Now that IS a true titan of law and order.  The very reason he is leaving Congress, he can no longer abide, is revolted by, the massive corruption of which you now are the agent of oversight.

When early on, you made the disgraceful decision to not pursue Lois Lerner for her role in bringing the mighty power of the IRS to bear against ordinary Americans for political purposes, the handwriting should have been on the wall.

In that single decision, you telegraphed to every rogue political hack within the federal government, they are free to abuse their powers and nobody will hold them accountable.  We’ll just let them retire on the tax payer’s dime living happily ever after, no mind the people she ruined.

For the very first time ever, we are presented with a golden, a once in a nation’s opportunity, to clean house.  To actually address and hold accountable an infestation of treasonous individuals within our own federal government who have abused their mighty powers in ways the most jaded among us never envisioned.  Just one man stands in the way and that is you, Mr. Sessions.

Do the right thing, Mr. Sessions.  Resign while you still have a shred integrity remaining.

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