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I have been running articles on the National Popular Vote Compact because it poses a threat to the integrity of our upcoming Presidential election. More importantly, it threatens the very foundation of the Republic and the Two-Party system.

NPV has been flying under the radar but people are starting to wake up.

Please take a look at the following article and notice the people pushing it. Tom Golisano is one of the people who needs to be looked at closely. He appears to desperately want the NPV.

He founded the Independence Party and probably isn’t a big fan of the Two-Party system. He switched to the NY GOP so he could run for Governor. He gave a million dollars to the DNC in 2008 and has given to more Democrats than I can list. Golisano orchestrated the Democratic votes to install Skelos as GOP leader (Wiki). He might still technically be a Republican, but he is not really a Republican.

Most of our representatives really do care what the people want and we need to tell them what that is and ask for their help.

It is time to become concerned about NPV in NY and the remaining swing states (Pennsylvania, please heed). NJ approved it and hasn’t been able to get it repealed. Once it is in, we will never get rid of it.

It could be voted on any day in the New York legislature.

Please sign the petition – New Yorkers Against National Popular Vote Petition


The Secret Blue State Plan To Steal The 2012 Elections

by Joshua Pundit

The deep Blue states above all have something in common. They’re all ruled by solid Democrat majorities in their State Legislatures and they’ve all passed legislation designed to favor Democrat urban strongholds, disenfranchise less populated Red States and have a decisive effect on the 2012 election.

And very few people know about it.

The legislation is known as The National Popular Vote bill, and there’s an ongoing attempt to get it passed in as many states as possible. It’s mainly being championed by Democrats, with a sprinkling of Republicans to give it the aura of ‘bi-partisanship’.

The states above control 138 electoral votes. Because they’ve all signed on to The National Popular Vote Act, those electoral votes will automatically go to the candidate who gets the most popular votes nationally -regardless of how the citizens of these states actually vote.

For instance, let’s say that in 2012 the largely Republican voters in downstate Illinois and some of the suburbs manage to outvote the Democrats, corpses, illegal aliens and vagrants put together by the ward bosses and the machine in Chicago and Cook County. Because the Democrats in the Illinois Legislature have managed to push the National Popular Vote Act through, Illinois’ 20 electoral votes would go not necessarily to the Republican candidate the majority of voters in the state chose but to whichever candidate got the majority of votes nationally. If Barack Obama were to win the popular vote nationally by even as little as 100 votes, Illinois’ 20 electoral votes will automatically go him.

This scenario is also known as Al Gore’s wet dream.

None of these states held a referendum on this. It was all done by legislative fiat.

It’s also interesting to look at some of the people behind this.

The Chairman, Dr. John Kozas of Los Altos California is a wealthy lefty who made his money from co-inventing the scratch-off lottery ticket and then lobbying state governments to sell them. Among many other far Left and socialist groups and candidates he’s supported as a donor and/or bundled for is Howard Dean’s Democracy For America ( DFA) political organization, Berkeley nut case Rep. Barbara Lee, Senator Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, The Democratic Farmer/Labor Party, the DNC, Senator Boxer’s PAC for a Change, and of course, Barack Obama. The list is a long one.

Tom Golisano is a prominent business man with deep pockets who was the co-counder of the Independence Party of New York, a party split between Perotistas and a strong Marxist element. He was also a Kerry donor.Forbes estimates his personal wealth at $1.2 billion.

Barry Fadem, the president, is a long-time Democrat operative in California, who worked for Governor Jerry Brown and Lieutenant Governor Mervyn Dymally arguably one of the most incompetent and perhaps racist public officials in state history. He’s another Boxer donor, as well as to ActBlue, an organization that seeks to organize boycotts to penalize businesses thought to be too ‘Republican’.

Jason Roe was a Republican operative in the northeast with all that implies until he got a little too close to Jack Abramoff.

National Popular Vote Secretary Chris Pearson is another long time far Left Democrat operative who worked with admitted socialist Bernie Sanders and the Progressive Party.

Larry Sokol is a longtime Democrat legislative staffer and lobbyist in California. His connections were instrumental in shepherding the Nation Popular Vote Bill through the California Legislature.

Former Minnesota GOP Representative Laura Brod is something of the odd person out here.While the cast of the group is overwhelmingly Left- leaning, Brod says there is a conservative argument for NPV.

She claims that this is a state’s rights prerogative according to Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution, that the current system means that national candidates spend their time and resources and craft policy based on the needs of battleground states while ignoring states with little electoral clout and states they feel they have no chance of carrying. Brod’s argument is that NPV will make every vote count and force National candidates to campaign in every state. These arguments all have some validity. Democrat nominees usually give Utah and Texas a pass and Republicans do the same to Connecticut and Massachusetts…Please read the entire article as it is quite educational: Joshua Pundit

The NY Senate will vote first and, to date, only Senator Lee Zeldin and Assemblyman Al Graf have told me they are opposed. We have work to do New York and if the politicians tell you it probably won’t be voted on, please know that it is on the calendar and can be voted on any day. If they tell you it probably won’t pass, ask them why it is on the calendar.  Click this link to get the phone numbers and email addresses of the Senators.

Please sign the petition against the NPVC – New Yorkers Against National Popular Vote Petition



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